Minecraft EULA News

The End User License Agreement, and the way Mojang enforces it, have been clarified for multiplayer servers like us. The most important news regarding the EULA is that, for the most part, we agree with it. Cubeville plans to comply fully with the enforcement of Minecraft’s EULA so that we can continue to be your favorite server.

Cubeville’s rank systems will be undergoing a few changes over the next few weeks regarding donations and server monetization. The selling of in-game currency was requested by a longterm member of the server three years ago. As Mojang begins to enforce and clarify their EULA, in-game currencies may no longer be bought with real-world money. We will not being attempting a workaround for this. Buying cubes is gone.
Some of our ranks fall into a legal gray-area in terms of the EULA. Cubeville will begin working to clarify which of our ranks are allowed to remain and which may no longer be offered as donation perks. This will not be retroactive and will not limit the abilities of anyone who has previously earned a rank or anyone who has donated and received a rank as a reward. To put it clearly: if you have a rank now, you will always have that rank.

Cubeville is thankful for Mojang’s clarification of the Minecraft EULA, and we greatly appreciate their understanding of the costs of maintaining a server. Many servers are going to begin disappearing from the Minecraft community due to these changes. We do not plan to be one of those servers. We look forward to continuing to shape the future of Minecraft multiplayer and seeing Minecraft’s community grow and expand. To the servers who are deciding that Minecraft is no longer a home for you,
“Thank you for helping us grow this community. We promise to look after your players and wish you well in your future endeavors.”

Happy Mining, Cubeville!

Cubefest 2014 – Cubes for Charity!

Cubefest is a week long event that will run from Monday, March 31st until Saturday, April 5th. Throughout the week we’ll be running several different events which you can read about on our forums here.

For the entire week of Cubefest, Cubeville will be running a charity drive! For every 200 cubes donated, Cubeville will donate $1 to charity, up to our final goal of 100,000 cubes! We’ll also be giving out special rewards at certain donation milestones!

All proceeds will be donated to Child’s Play, a charity dedicated to providing toys and games to children in hospitals. You can read more about them here! If you don’t have any cubes to spare but would still like to help the cause, you may donate directly here!

For full details on all things Cubefest, check out our dedicated forum here.

MineCon was Excellent!

We had an excellent time at MineCon! Lots of new ideas to make this server better, so expect updates and minor tweaks all over the place!

Congratulations to EveLGirl and FlameCrunch for finding GoalieGuy6 and myself in the crowd! It was wonderful to meet you guys!