Forgotten Donations Notes?

If you’ve donated and haven’t received your donator ranks, email or PM inutterable on our forums. Be sure to include the email associated with your Paypal account, the name the donation was made under, and the username/ranks for which you’d like your donation applied.

I keep donation records forever, so feel free to email me even if the donation was made a long time ago.

Cubeville Ranks are Expanding!

New and improved ranks are coming to Cubeville! A few minor tweaks have been made to some of our longstanding ranks to better meld with Minecraft 1.6, but we also have a new Donator Rank Chain launching August 24th!

The Death Chain features ranks are designed to save the player the hassles of dying on Cubeville. These ranks prevent losses and frustrations associated with death on an SMP server. The ranks are being added to the Donator Ranks page this evening. On August 24, 2013, I will begin assigning the ranks to all donators. Feel free to donate early, and remember to include your donation notes!

Happy mining!