UUIDs and Name Changes

We understand that Minecraft released the ability to change your username ingame. Please be aware that name changes made before the release of CV 5.0 will cause considerable difficulty with your ranks and inventories. This issue will be fixed in the next few days and will be included in the release of map 5 (coming soon!).

The End of an Era

Cubeville is at the end of the era when it could reward its donators with special abilities and perks. I know the transition may be a frightening one, but we will get through. We had lived through DDoS attacks, software failures, inutterable glitches, SAs turning the world into bricks, and losing a map far too early during the switch to the Anvil world system.

We have always lived on, and I believe we always will. This is not the end of Cubeville. While we may not be able to reward our donators quite the way we did before, make no mistake that we will continue to make the server the best in all of Minecraft. That’s the Cubeville way.

The donation button has been temporarily removed while we move into full compliance with Minecraft’s EULA. While my view of Cubeville’s future is unclear, it is not shaken. We will always be the best family-friendly server on the internet.

Happy Mining!

One Last (minute) Sale!

All ranks must go! For the next two days(ceasing as per Mojang’s EULA enforcement), all of Cubeville’s ranks are 80% off! Donated in the last day or two? Email/PM me to claim a rank as an added bonus!

$10 rank? Nope. $2.
$50 rank? Nope. $10.
$5 rank? Nope. $1.

Be sure to email inutterable@cubeville.org if you do not include a donation note! I will be removing the donation button when the sale is over for a one-month transitional period to a fully donation-driven Cubeville!

Happy Mining!