Skylands update

Hey there!

As some of you know, recently the Skylands was locked down to a mysterious and disastrous flood of structure blocks. Please check out our recent forum post that will explain the situation & how we plan to proceed. Thank you for being patient while we work things out!

~The SA Team

Quest Update

Hey there! We know that you’ve been patiently awaiting any and all news regarding quests. As promised when we started our work on Quests back in 2015, we’d like to let you know that Beta testing  has been started!!!  We’ve made terrific progress over the last year, and as always we’re striving to get Quests released as soon as possible while also giving you great quality, fun quests to do!
More info on this thread!

1.9 Is Live! Now Introducing Patreon!

Hey folks!

We released 1.9 for our servers yesterday. As expected, there are some bugs that we will be working out over the next few days, so bear with us!


Now that we have a new server and are running 1.9, I’d like to introduce our Patreon page! For those of you generous enough to donate on a regular basis, please consider subscribing at . We’d really appreciate it! Before I go, I’d like to reiterate something: Cubeville is and will continue to be free! But with the new server, our monthly operating costs are now around $200 per month. If you’d prefer to make a one time donation, you can do so at our Paypal! The button is on our main page (just to the right of this post haha). I thank you for your generosity in advance!

Thanks for reading this! I hope you enjoy 1.9 and I’ll see you in game!

~ Nuke