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Forum Announcement: Let's talk about forum etiquette
08-14-2014, 09:09 PM
Let's talk about forum etiquette
Every forum that has led a long, healthy life will see it's share of good posts and bad ones, one-time posters and every day forum junkies (me). Every once in a while there's a period where certain types of posts become more frequent, and some people can get frustrated.


Let's go over just a few general rules and guidelines when it comes to being a happy contributor to a well liked forum like this one.

1. Gravedigging

Gravedigging is usually defined as posting to a thread that has been quiet for some time, whether it be months or (occasionally) years. However it isn't just the date between posts that qualifies a 'gravedig', but the content of that new post. Let's have an example:

Original post:
"Hey Happy New Year everyone!! 2013 is going to be the best year ever!!

"Yeah Happy New Year! Woot!!"

Not quite a gravedig
"Oh wow I've been gone for months. That New Year's party was amazering. Btw, has anyone seen that Nub Breudd? I lost his email address"

2. Me Too Posts/The Lonely Quote

Ok just about everyone is guilty of this at some point; I know I have been. Agreeing with someone's humor, point of view, or position on a topic is great, and usually people respond with further comment or thought on that topic. Sometimes though we can get lazy pants, and fill people's screens with just a few words. Not good, not good at all.

3. Quality of content

This is maybe the hardest thing to judge, as what people find interesting is largely relative. Just try to keep in mind that for a regular visitor to the forums, every post is clicked, and read. Try to have a point to your threads, remember that unlike Twitter, posting under 140 characters is usually not so good, and more than anything, preview your posts before submitting, reading from the point of view of your audience. Is the info in your post topical, relevant, or interesting?

4. See That Red Line Under Your Words?

When posting or responding to a post, you may notice that a little red line pops under your word as you move to the next one. That's a hint that you have misspelled something Smile We all misspell things on purpose, but before hitting 'Post', check those little red lines to make sure your posts can be read easily by others. If you simply do not care about your spelling, I fele badd fore yu.

5. Manners
As is true while playing in CV, the forum is read by people of all ages, including several that are likely younger than you. Before you flame someone for any of the things listed above, take a second to consider that the person who posted the questionable content may be new to forums, unaware of their mistake, or just very young. A gentle nudge in the right direction is almost always better than a fist to the forehead. Big Grin

Courtesy of Breuddwyd
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