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If you change your name, post here to let people know. I will put you into the master list when you post. Thanks!

Note: The names are in alphabetical order by the old name, if you are looking for someone in particular keep that in mind as the list gets longer.

please don't post here unless you have a name change

name changes:

- aralynn9 changed to Aralynn
- BlueFirebolt changed to Blue_13 changed to BlueFirebolt
- Clicker27 changed to Clicki
- CreepersVsNukes to MrDark3merald
- Enderchicken11 changed to Enderchicki
- fluffyeevee changed to corgite
- heroted663 changed to Heroite
- HerzUrOrnjChiken changed to Herzite
- Himy2 changed to Dopi
- Jetman737 changed to Jetlag1
- MehyMehran changed to D3V1L3ryd3r
- Piglover724 changed to Oinked
- quadgamer changed to Umbrakiin
- random_sam87 changed to RandomSam87
- Rappa77 changed to Rappadda
- robbies99 changed to StormLord
- stephanmicheal changed to MichealSteve
I changed mine to "Rappadda"
I know that MehyMehran changed to D3V1Lryd3r
I changed from aralynn9 to Aralynn.
Clicker27 too Clicki
HerzUrOrnjChiken to Herzite.
robbies99 to StormLord
I think heroted663 changed to heroite
(04-16-2015 01:21 AM)appygal Wrote: [ -> ]I think heroted663 changed to heroite

Yes I can confirm this and fluffyeevee is now Corgite
Heroted663 is now heroite
*raises hand*

Err, um, sir? You, uh... You spelled my name wrong.
"Rappadda," not "Rappada." Tongue
(04-16-2015 04:45 PM)Rappa77 Wrote: [ -> ]*raises hand*

Err, um, sir? You, uh... You spelled my name wrong.
"Rappadda," not "Rappada." Tongue

I changed mine from random_sam87 to RandomSam87. (I know.. Not much of a difference. xD)
Enderchicken11 to Enderchicki
Himy2 to Dopi, just for the occasional time i hop on to say hiya
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