Full Version: Goodbye Mumble, Hello Discord!
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In March of 2014, Cubeville launched our own official Mumble server. As of Saturday, November 25th, our Mumble server will close down for good. RIP Mumble.

You've asked for it and we've heard you! Effective immediately, Mumble is officially being replaced with Discord. Discord can be downloaded or launched from your web browser at the link above. Once you've configured your client, follow the instructions below to connect to Cubeville's Discord server!

You can access our server on your Discord client by navigating to:

You will be automatically placed in the Cubeville text channel, but you won’t be able to speak, hear people speaking, or type until your account has been activated! Submit a modreq in-game stating that you are needing to be activated on Discord. You will be assigned the Citizen role and be able to type in text channels and speak in voice chat. Once activated, you are free to use our Discord server and its several channels and lounges. Enjoy!

Discord Rules

All Cubeville in-game chat rules apply. Cubeville staff will monitor all chat on Discord and you are responsible for abiding the rules when using our server.

  1. Listen to what the Staff says. We know best and we can help you if you cooperate.
  2. Do not use rude or vulgar language. This includes swearing, swear acronyms and offensive behavior.
  3. Do not advertise other servers.
  4. Do not bully, harass, or threaten others. Be respectful at all times!
  5. Do not post links in chat to vulgar content. This includes inappropriate and offensive videos, sites intended to crash web browsers, and any other harmful site.

Consequences for not following the rules can include mutes, deafens, kicks, or bans both in-game and on the Discord server.

Quick Setup

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Navigate to:
  3. Submit a /modreq.
    ex: /modreq I need to be activated on Discord!
  4. Wait for activation.
  5. Enjoy.

If you need any help once you are activated on the Discord server, just @ a staff member or message us in-game. We are happy to provide an official Discord for you guys to interact with each other on. We look forward to seeing you there!

Yes finally .. mumble goes.. never had a good connection with it anyway.. sound always cut mid sentence...
Yes - this is what we've been waiting for! If anyone needs any help with anything including permissions etc, please just ask - I run/moderate a few Discord servers myself.
Nice job guys
Coolio! New things:O

OMG wut??
U just have to get used to it all Vip... I have to too. I did a look around it last night when no one was on, to get familiar with it.
If u click on the 'Lounge 1 text' u can chat and clicking on the 'Lounge 1 voice' u can talk to people in that room. I hope that was right. And like mumble this has 3 rooms in which to chat + the Pvp two.

I made it in ppl... no more cutting of sound... YEY.
Discord is a MUCH better platform for this sort of communication than mumble.
Discord is not only far more universal, but its sound quality and flexibility make it better than the next closest alternative I can think of, which is Skype.
Good job CV staff team, and I will be seeing a lot more of you guys now that I feel quite a bit closer to everyone now that my favorite MC server now uses my favorite chat/voice platform
that was for channel 'lounge-3-text' if I remember correctly
and my guess is they wouldn't need to test the lounge channels Tongue
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