Full Version: Temporary Protection for Shopping Mall 9
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We'd like to request a temporary protection for our landmark, Shopping Mall 9. While it doesn't look like much now(pretty much just a big diorite box), we've got big plans for the future, and we'd like a protection so that we won't be griefed. The opposite coords for the protection are 3937, -2470 to 3997, -2544.

If possible, please add JayfeatherJack, Squidnub and I as owners, or if that doesn't work, please add us as members, and also add BandNerdMama and ChaoticCade, as they have a plot there.

Thank you!
It is obvious that a lot of work and materials have already gone into this and so, despite heavy use of the bird poop block, I am happy to approve a temporary landmark protection. The region is cuboid and named temp_shoppingmall9. The listed players are down as owners/members respectively.
Thank you very much! Big Grin
Oh No... I am a bit concerned about this excessive use of burb poop Wally. I am wondering if this will be removed at a later date or will this 'eye sore' stay?? I am also wondering why this sort of thing is even let through CV's advanced screening system... I mean come on.. Burb Poop???
Well at least (I hope) the interior will take away it's shameful exterior. XD
it's here

Other than that... Good Luck Guys.

Also, I see u used cobble, the easiest get-able block in the game. Why is there steps to the roof? And most of all... there is 3 Dir blocks in the corner, come on guys consistency is the key here... XD

Edit: this was just a joke ok.
Twig I swear if you dont do something with that exterior I will get my scrubbing brush and clean all that bird poop up >.<

Also, good luck and hope it turns out great!
Stairs are temporary, and it won't look like that at the end, we've only been working on it for a week so we haven't had time to work on the exterior much Tongue Ty for the feedback.
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