Full Version: Anyone got pics of old spawn and hubs?
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Just wondering if anyone has some pics of old maps, 4, 3 and 2 hubs and/or spawn.
I would download map but my computer wont let me Tongue
if anyone else has the old map i would love to se.
I have a few pics... I will have to look some up.
Probably.... which maps were you wanting to see? You might also find some detailed tour videos on Youtube on old maps. Some of our veteran players were very into making YouTube videos. Tongue
ah. I would like to see like the hub of cv4, cv3 and spawn of cv3
I have a few of CV4 but they are more in spawn than the hub but I have a few where you can see the hub above spawn.
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[Image: 7ZJPxgm.png]
[Image: ML2z7UZ.jpg]
I had looked at my map 3 map only the other day, but because it was someone else's map gen it has now changed. I was going to show you what map 3 spawn looked like, but now can't.

[Image: fA5rcSj.jpg]

CV3 Spawn

[Image: bUDmi7o.jpg]

[Image: kClmGEn.jpg]

CV3 Portal Hub

[Image: 4SjQfIH.png]


[Image: l82tgkj.jpg]

CVC 3 City Center

[Image: AQZqlDV.jpg]
Thanks a lot sae
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