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Hello everyone! I've been working on a massive build recently, but I need it to be done by the middle of January. I am currently working on it alone, and I need some help. I need help gathering supplies to build it and building it itself. I am designing it in singleplayer creative mode, but that's taking a long time. Might as well multi-task!

Needed supplies (all of these need to be in the thousands >.>)
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Ink sacks
Red dye
Purple dye
sand and gravel (for concrete)
plain terracotta
And possibly more as I get the design closer to done.

I would like if these were donations, but I am willing to pay for some of it. (I'm half saving up for a CVC plot) Say it here if you want to help by placing the blocks themselves, and I will try to PM you in game.

If you want to watch the progress, it is here:
Eventually, it might become a landmark! I still have a lot more to do before that point though...
Thanks for taking the time to read this!
I might be able to get u some supplies.
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