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It doesn't seem like a whole year has passed since the last time I wrote one of these threads! Staff have been hard at work preparing the Winter Festival Island and we are very happy to announce that it is now open! As is tradition players will be able to claim a chest to be filled with goodies from them to open on 25th December, and there will be donation chests for you to leave presents for other people in, or just to make general donations towards the secret santa.

[Image: a6Bky1a.jpg?1]

Aside from the gift element, there is plenty to see around the island!

[Image: cKbhSrJ.jpg?1]
Why not head to the gingerbread house for some baked goods...or explosive fun!

[Image: AavNKQH.jpg]
Tired of all the snow? Grab a glass of juice and relax by the beach instead.

[Image: bsvnDGr.jpg]
Try exploring the underground elf village. Who knows what you might find!

[Image: 44SXkeE.jpg]
There are plenty of people to meet as you explore. Some of them might not welcome visitors though - be careful.
Cool.. Xmas island is up and running.
I am glad they finally thought of us in this heat for a change. Xmas beach here I come.
:O Big Grin
AWSOME!! and is the yeti the only thing in the caves?
Thanks so much staff!

Last year's winter island was extremely fun! Can't wait to check out this one Smile
Yayay yayayay!

Ty staff!

This years Christmas, here I come!
Thank you all Staff who made this place!!!

I will have to visit soon!
Thanks everyone who worked to make the island so awesome. Hope you had as much fun building it as I had there yesterday - my first visit to an event island. Smile
Ah yes I see now....
Old Xmasland with a few changes. Well I guess its make it easier that way. I did the maze yesterday and the buttons (got 35). I have my music box too. Now just have to have that final look around. Smile
Thanks Staff for doing this yet again.
Can't wait to see what I get off Santa... (fingers crossed)
(12-05-2018 04:34 PM)GrannyKaf Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks everyone who worked to make the island so awesome. Hope you had as much fun building it as I had there yesterday - my first visit to an event island. Smile

I had a great time doing my build work. Favorite event each year for sure Smile
Wowzar! Well I can say I'm so excited for Winter Island. I visited it yesterday and it's amazing! I got Music Master, Nice List 2018, did the ice maze and the yeti tunnels, still working on that parkour hahaha.. It's my first CV Christmas and I'm happy I get to decorate my village for it and spend it with the wonderful CV citizens! I also appreciate the hard work and the effort put into making this island. Thanks so much to all the hard workers who helped. Happy Holidays!
Winter Festival Island 2018 Update

The Winter Festival Island will be closing at approximately 6pm EST on 23rd December. This is to give Santa and his elves time to deliver your gifts. Obviously this is also the deadline for donating any items or claiming a chest.

The island will then reopen at appropriately 6am EST on 25th December for you to log on and collect your gifts. The island will stay open for several weeks so you'll have plenty of time to get your gifts.
Yay! I did pretty much everything exept the parkour, and it was so much fun! My favorite part was the buttons though. I can't wait to do this again next year! The work done by staff was amazing.
Happy Holidays everyone! Big Grin Big Grin
The island is now open again for you to log on and collect your gifts Big Grin

The island will be open for a few more weeks at least so no rush if you can't get on, the presents will still be there when you do.
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