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Howdy peeps,

The time has come for me to retire from the CV staff team. I’ll not bore you, but I’ve a million things going on irl including work, raising a family and helping poorly parents.

I’ve loved being part of the team, and contributing to the best server I’ve played on. Of all my builds, amongst my favourites are the CV Arcade and the Snowball Spleef Arena/Yeti. However, my absolute favourite will only be revealed when the time is right, and no, there aren’t any clues lol Wink

Thanks for a great time since map 4. I’ll hopefully see you all around in the future.

All the best,
Wow, this is a surprise... So sad to see you go Sad

You've done an amazing job here. We've enjoyed having you as an admin!
Wow, you'll be missed! Best wishes and good luck in all your endeavors!
Wow, I'm sorry to hear this. You've made an awesome staff member since the day you were promoted. Good luck with the rest of your life, and be sure to at least visit us from time to time Wink
Ahh.. We'll miss you Ashy :3
I wish ya the best in your commitments Ashy, have a good 2019!
You will be missed, ashy. I wish you a happy retirement
Sad to see you go but glad to see you are moving forward in your life and putting your priorities forward! Don't be afraid to drop on by when you get the chance!
Aww sad to see you go, you were a great Admin.
GL & HF with your life.
Maybe visit us some day?
we'll miss you very much, you've been so awesome! come back and say hi once in a while, okay? Big Grin
Bye Ashy. man we will be seeing some more admins soon... Well have fun irl! drop in time to time will ya? Smile
Sad to see you go, but I totally understand. You've been a great staff member to work with, we'll miss you! Best wishes Smile
Its been great having you here Ashy, You were an osm staff member and super kind to everyone! Hope you can clear up some time in the future to come back Big Grin
We'll miss you, Ashy, you're awesome! Good luck, and best wishes. Smile
Sad to see you go Ashy.Sad

I wish you a happy retirement!
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