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Hey everyone! So, about 2 weeks ago, I finished a huge building project. It has 8 Levels, a Rooftop Level, and, nothing in it except for some empty Shulker boxes that used to be holding my materials to build it. I now have a region a little ways Southwest of the Far South drop, with a ginormous building, with absolutely nothing inside. If anyone has any Ideas of what we can do with it, Please let me know!

I've included some pictures, here they are:
(I also do Apologize for forgetting to Press F1)



I may have to come look at it for u .... but I might get lost due to ur directions.
Find ur place here.. SOUTH west of far south drop
Oops! Sorry, I got lost with directions there :P. I'll link the exact location on the map if you want... Sorry Tis.

Here's the exact maplink:
No Probz... I saw the building on the map want went... oops wrong way. XD
The building looks cool, I might have to check it out soon.
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