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Hello everyone! I'm sorry if this is in the wrong area, feel free to move it @staff.
This BB has been utterly amazing, SOOO many good builds! There are lots of builds here that I think have a really good idea, just I feel they could have been implemented or incorporated in a different way.
Heres the ideas. Hope yall like em

Also, things id like to add - Some very honorable mentions. Here are some plots that I have ways of improving on.

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Now this is an interesting plot. There was certainly an idea there, and I get what you were trying to make - some sort of knockback lava/water course. Heres some ways this unique plot could have been improved : I think the terrain was a bit bland here. I think this would have worked really well with some landscaped hills, with maybe some block variation in them. Maybe it could be like an old, ruined civilisation base, that would be quite cool. Also, with the lava and water, I think across this terrain, there should be some landscaped springs, maybe coming out of hills, or even volcanos, fountains, lakes and more.

The Creeper Express
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I love the idea for this build - an ore-based PVP arena with some parkour in it too. Again, the idea was definitely there, but here are some improvements that could have been made : I think what would have been cool, is the terrain could have been, well, I have 2 ideas - 1. It would be some sort of rocky, moon like planet, with lots of hills and craters, filled with lots of ores, and maybe some asteroids of ores floating above it. 2. I think this could also work as a 'wild west' style mesa mineshaft. I know this is going a bit off theme, but, I think it could also work rly well as a mesa biome with lots of caves, tunnels, mineshafts, and stuff. Also, I think it could have giant, wooden, realistic mine-carts, filled with ores. Also, as in real life, maybe there could be heaps of ores, stones, and clays on the hills and the terrain, that could have a lil backstory - maybe they could have not been the right amount, shape, or quality to be shipped off to be made into items, so they could have been tipped out into huge mounds. (Inspired by Wales's Slate Hills)

Robo Rubbish
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With Robo-Rubbish, it was kinda loads of scattered blocks on the floor, but I have MANY ideas of how this could have had the same idea and theme, but a different 'layout'. My straightforward idea, I think, could be a once populated planet, that had fallen into ruins, and became extinct and barren. I think it could be a rocky terrain, with some alien, robot, and technology ruins on it.

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This arena would have been 6 on my list. The arena is really good, and tbh, nearly perfect for an arena, I have little to add to this idea, but here are some general ideas - I love all the plants and meadow-like floor, but I think the general ground material could have been improved a bit. To go with the mystical idea, *cough* giant mushrooms *cough* I think some maybe patches, or just mixed in with the grass, mycelium, could have been good, maybe also some podzol, coarse dirt - just by adding a few more blocks into the floor can make a big difference

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Now even though this arena was 3 tanks of liquid, I still have ideas... I think this would work.... As an abandoned business park, factory, or self-storage units. I think there could be a collection of storage tanks/units/offices and stuff that were filled with water and lava, but the premises had been abandoned for so long that the tanks had burst open, and you would have to pvp around them, maybe bows would work in kits for this one.
Interesting ideas Lime.
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