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(C) Citizen Command Reference
09-19-2015, 10:33 PM
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(C) Citizen Command Reference
Below is a list on all commands available to the Citizen Rank:

*Important Commands*

/rg i - Used to see what region you're in. This also work with right clicking a feather. Adding a region name is optional.
Syntax: /rg i
[ Ex./rg i] [ Ex./rg i <region_name>]

/hub - Go to the portal hub.
Syntax: /hub
[ Ex./hub]

/spawn - Go to the main city and spawn point!
Syntax: /spawn
[ Ex./spawn]

/sethome - Set a teleport point at your house.
Syntax: /sethome
[ Ex./sethome]

/home - Return to your teleport point.
Syntax: /home
[ Ex./home]

/who - See who is currently online.
Syntax: /who
[ Ex./who]

/modlist - See which staff are currently online.
Syntax: /modlist
[ Ex./modlist]

/maplink - Prints a clickable maplink of your current location to chat.
Syntax: /maplink
[ Ex./maplink]

Staff are in the following colours:
Mod-Helps with general questions
Smod-Can handle break in's and griefs
Admin-Can handle most issues
SAdmin-Server managers

/modreq - Need staff help? Place a modreq & we'll get to you ASAP! Please don't scream or shout. Smile
Syntax: /modreq <message>
[ Ex./modreq I've been griefed, can you help me?]

How to chat
Spoiler Expand
/sh -Speak in global.
Syntax: /sh <message>
[ Ex./sh Hi!!!]

/y -Speak in global.
Syntax: /y <message>
[ Ex./y Hi!!!]

/msg -Private message someone.
Syntax: /msg <player> <message>
[ Ex./msg Hi!!!]

/r -Reply to the last person who private messaged you.
Syntax: /r <message>
[ Ex./r Thanks for the message!]

/rl - Message the last person you sent a message to.
Syntax: /rl <message>
[ Ex./rl Thanks for the message!]

/mch -Speak in market chat.
Syntax: /mch <message>
[ Ex./mch Selling diamonds!]

/pvp -Speak in PvP chat.
Syntax: /pvp <message>
[ Ex./pvp Anyone want to pvp?]

Chat Channel Commands
/ch list - Shows what channels you can join.
Syntax: /ch list
[ Ex./ch list]

/ch join - Used to join a channel.
Syntax: /ch j <channel>
[ Ex./ch J market]

/ch leave - Used to leave a channel.
Syntax: /ch l <channel>
[ Ex./ch l market]

Group Chat Commands

/group invite - Create your own group chat (Note, you can only be in 1 group chat at a time)
Syntax: /group invite <Player>
[ Ex./group invite clicki]

/group join - Join another players group chat. (You can also click on it in chat)
Syntax /group join <Player>
[ Ex./group join clicki]

/group leave - Leave a group chat
Syntax: /group leave
[ Ex./group leave]

/p - Talk in group chat!
Syntax /p <message>
[ Ex./p Hey guys!]

LWC Controls (Chest/Doors/Locking)
Spoiler Expand
/lwc flag - Allows you to add flags to doors, chests, hoppers,dispensers, droppers, furnaces etc. *NOTE* Only redstone, autoclose and hopper work for C's
Syntax: /lwc flag <flag> <on/off>
[ Ex./lwc flag autoclose on]

/cmodify - Used to add someone to a chest/sign/furnace/door etc
Syntax: /cmodify user
[ Ex./cmodify clicki]

/cinfo - Tells you who owns the chest/sign/furnace/door etc
Syntax: /cinfo
[ Ex./cinfo]

/cmodify @ - Used to add someone as an (ADMIN) to a chest/sign/furnace/door etc
Syntax: /cmodify @<user>
[ Ex./cmodify @clicki]

/cremove - Used to remove a user from a chest/sign/furnace/door etc
Syntax: /cremove <user> or /cmodify - <user>
[ Ex./cremove clicki][ Ex./cmodify - clicki

/cpublic - Used to make a chest/sign/furnace door etc available to anyone for use
Syntax: /cpublic <channel>
[ Ex./cpublic]

/cprivate - Used to lock a chest/sign/furnace/door etc to you.
Syntax: /cprivate<channel>
[ Ex./cprivate]

/cpassword - Used to attach a password on a door or chest. Useful if you have a group of friends, but *be careful who you trust*
Syntax: /cpassword <password>
[ Ex./cpassword clickisawesome]

/cunlock - Used to unlock a chest/sign/furnace/door etc. Remember to lock it again! Also useful if you forgot your password.
Syntax: /cunlock
[ Ex./cunlock]

/cpersist - Used to do a command over and over. Useful for unlocking multiple things! Do it again to turn it off.
Syntax: /cpersist & then the command right after.
[ Ex./cpercist & then /cunlock]

/lwc - Shows the full lwc list.
Syntax: /lwc
[ Ex./lwc]

Video on land protection:
Spoiler Expand

//expand - Used to expand a region up and/down. Use //expand 5 u/d if you have a region above or below you such as the skyway.
Syntax: //expand or //expand # u/d
[ Ex.//expand vert][ Ex.//expand 5 u]

/rg addmember - Used to add a member to your region. /modreq if you need a *owner* added, as it's admin only.
Syntax: /rg addmember <region> <player>
[ Ex./rg addmember glenview clicki]

/rg removemember - Used to remove a member to your region. /modreq if you need a *owner* removed, as it's admin only.
Syntax: /rg removemember <region> <player>
[ Ex./rg removemember glenview clicki]

/claim - Used to claim your region after you've done all the necessary steps (see the video tutorial). You will automatically become the owner of the region.
Syntax: /claim <region_name>
[ Ex./claim clicktest]

/claimhere - Claims a 29x29 area, centered on you. You may also choose to put in a region name if you want. If there is no name put in, the default region name will be set, otherwise, the name that you define will be set.
Syntax: /claimhere [optional_region_name]
[ Ex./claimhere]
[ Ex./claimhere nubtest]

/rg remove - Used to unclaim your region
Syntax: /rg remove <region_name>
[ Ex./rg remove clicktest]

/rg flag - Used to add special permissions to regions such as entry/exit flags. See the tutorial for more info
Syntax: /rg flag region flag
[ Ex./rg flag glenview pistons allow]

Region flag info:

Spoiler Expand
/money - Used to see how much you have, this also works for other players!
Syntax: /money
[ Ex./money][ Ex./money kio22]

/money pay - Used to see how much you have, this also works for other players!
Syntax: /money pay <user> <amount>
[ Ex./money][ Ex./money pay kio22 2]

/money top - Used to see who has the most money on the server!
Syntax: /money top
[ Ex./money top][ Ex./money top 100]

Information Commands

/where- Shows where you are.
/time- Shows you what the server time is.
/check- Shows if your modreq is open, and the ticket number.
/faq- Facts about the server
/faq 2 - Facts about the server page 2
/faq 3 - Facts about the server page 3
/help - Help pages
/help 2 - Help pages 2
/ping - Tests your connection with the server
/rules - General server rules
/rules 2 - General server rules page 2
/tut - Teleport to the tutorial

Note: To be activated on the Discord server, send in a
modreq with your discord username, numbers included:

[Ex: /modreq Discord activation, username is nubplayer#0158]

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