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[Guide] How to vote for Cubeville
02-27-2016, 10:18 AM
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[Guide] How to vote for Cubeville
Voting for Cubeville on minecraft server lists is awesome in two respects:
  • You help Cubeville to be known better
  • You get some free in-game money (30c a day)
It does not cost any (real world) money and only takes a minute.

Here's how it works in detail:

  1. Go to This will bring up a list of links to the respective server lists:
    [Image: cJeuwMG.jpg]
    The top three lists are the ones that get you in game money, but it's highly appreciated to also vote on the other lists of course.
  2. After clicking on one of the links, you are on the server list's voting page. This example shows Minecraft-MP, but the other ones are very similar:
    [Image: 1OMtWTL.png]
    It's just three simple steps: (1) Fill in your minecraft name (that's important for the lists that get you money, otherwise they don't know who should get it). (2) Solve the captcha (sometimes simple as checking the checkbox, sometimes it will ask you to "select all pictures with trees" or type in a text that's shown in a picture). (3) Click the "Vote" button.
  3. After that you should see a page with a confirmation note which could look like this:
    [Image: Hi1rCPA.jpg]
    If you're logged in to Cubeville at that moment, you also get a message confirming the reception that you got your money.
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