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How to start up a Village. Guide only.
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How to start up a Village. Guide only.

I like to plan out the town in advance. A hand drawn map on paper will do. Doesn't have to be perfect just an idea of how you want it's layout to be.
You can go to a creative single world and actually build some structures.
It's up to you how you do this.

Now lets get started...
1. You will need to check the map to find where you want to build. Making sure you have enough space between yours and any other builds.
(Always have a 2nd or 3rd choice here close to the first so you don't have to trek the whole map if you have to move to a new location.)

2. Pick your Mayor at this stage or person in charge.

3. Go get a few wood from the tree farm and go make a few axes. Then go back to tree farm and get your wood supplies and make your basics, crafting table, pick and spade.

4. Make your way out of spawn towards your village location.
(Follow the mayor who knows where you are headed.)
Keep checking the map as you go, this will let you know where you are and what direction to take.
As soon as you can dig, find some cobble for better tools, furnace, pick, spade and make a few swords. Each person can do this and don't mess up the area you get the cobble from, make your breaks look natural.
(The furnace and the wood will come in handy to cook your food on the way.)

5. Do /sethome along the way just in case you die. Each person can set their own spot for this. Do it often, this makes getting back (with /home) to where you died quicker to collect your things, seeing you will go to spawn when u die.
This is also best done if you are doing this journey on your own.

6. Keep the group together, your chances of surviving will be better.
Or dig in at night if alone and scared.

7. Kill minimal animals on the way out, for food. Others may want to build where you pass through and will want animals for their farms too.
If you find horses and have or can make a saddle or two, tame two for later breeding. (Or take down the cords for where some are close to camp.)
Gather seeds and a few rare items along your way, like orchids, lillypads, flowers large and small. (Or note the location to go back later if not far from camp.)

8. When you arrive all persons reset your home.

9. The first morning will be a scouting mission to see if anyone else is living in the area you have chosen that you may not have seen on the map when you first looked. Keep one person at camp to set up if in a group. Best make this the mayor so they can place a chest or two. You mostly have to do this when starting a new map, but is a good rule to check for others anyway because some people build underground. (If you do find someone then ask them if they want to be part of the town, you can do this with a sign note if they are not in game (and REMEMBER to UNLOCK YOUR SIGN for them to break). If they don’t want you there pack up and head to your 2nd location.)

10. Clear out an area for camp. LIGHT the area around camp for at least 50 blocks from its centre. Make a good sized shack with a bed. Each person take turns the first night to sleep.
This is only to set your death point and will not change it to day.

11. If it hasn't already been done... pick a few people to go mining, some for farming/food supplies (this person/s can go find animals and start farms) and others to building the wall. (If you only have your 4 main needed people for the village send 2 to mine, 1 farm and the mayor can do building.)
You will need lots of cobble to mark out the town wall.

12. Give your miners some mining rules too, such as... what blocks are needed more than others.
That iron/coal/lapis etc, at this stage are more precious than diamonds. But once there is enough of these diamonds can be sought.
And most importantly, that ALL items mined or collected (this includes mob drops from kills, bones will be needed for fast growth on farms) belong to the town, this includes anything found in chests or mineshafts.

13. Get the miners to mark down cords where spawners have been found and give this info to the mayor.

14. The mayor can divide out important resources like diamonds for picks and books with enchanting.

15. Get the farmer to make a small farm, wheat will do to start and start collecting bread for food and if found plant potatoes and carrots also. They can also get some animals (2 of each will do), fence them in and start breeding them.

16. Have the mayor/person in charge set up chests and modifying others to it. These are for the town storage.
(If you need to place another chest when the mayor is not there... do, /cmodify @[mayor's name] eg: /cmodify @Tisjstme, this will add them as admin to the chest letting the mayor also be able to add people to it). To add people to more than 1 chest you can do this, /cpersist (hit enter) this will then say 'your commands will now persist'. Then do the /cmodify name (hit enter) and then click on all the items you want to add that person to. Also you can add more than one name at a time, so say you want to add me and Spam to it you do, /cmodify Tisjstme SpamSammich and it will add both, I do up to 5 names at a time if needed. When u are finished you redo the /cpersist and then click on the ground, you will get the message 'persist will now stop'.

17. Get a team to mark the wall out with a continuous straight line of 3 high blocks and light its top, (yes a square/rectangle is the best shape for a town for later subzoning purposes) placing signs (and UNLOCK them as you go) along the wall with town name and mayor name, if the team know where the wall is going.
OR let the mayor do the wall.
I recommend your village/town be about 200 x 200 blocks or bigger. Also here, don't make the town too big for you to manage later. (The mayor may be the only one doing all the work later on.)
This is a good size due to the fact people don't want to build tiny little homes and you will need room for good sized plots.

18. I have a rule here that will save time for all. ALWAYS UNLOCK YOUR SIGNS. So the mayor or anyone else building in that area can remove the sign later when they are working, without having to either wait for you to come on or do a /modreq on them. (Staff will be busy doing the same as you are this early in a new map and don’t need unwanted modreq’s when they can be avoided.)

19. Start by marking out roads from where you want your townhall/centre to be, preferably make the townhall in the centre of town. Yes we do the roads first so you know how big the areas between roads will be and where you can build the town hall and town centre. For now these only need to be cobble markers to show where the road will go and are not required for village status.
For later making of actual roads, I recommend you make the roads at least 5 wide (minimum 3 wide with fence/edge either side) to 11 wide (5 to 7, wide with decorations each side), decorations include things like fencing, edges and gardens.

20. Start marking out your town/hall/centre. I recommend putting both townhall and centre together saving room. You can either put the townhall as the centre of town or put crossroads as the centre with the townhall on one of its corners and the three founders homes in the other corners, unless you want their homes elsewhere. Make sure you have enough room for the making/decoration of the town centre. Eg: fountain/pond.

21. Set up temporary buildings to get village status.
Just shacks with a bed and chest for founders/members homes and a shack for townhall will do for vote. Don’t forget the signs inside the townhall with info of the town, also the directional signs in the centre for finding the farms and all the TORCHES for lighting it up.
If you need help with lighting up your village ask if there is someone on who has the lighting mod (LLOverlay) that can help you out.

Check here for Village application requirements:

While waiting for village status you can all go mining to get the building resources you will need to build.
Once you have applied and have village status with region, you can start the following. Which is the placing of all those expensive blocks you want to make the town out of and all the hard work that you didn't want griefed because you didn't have a protected region.

Now all you need to do is build your town to get Town status and a portal.
(See Town info in the above link to get your status and portal)

All the buildings and farms you made before can now be remade to make way
for bigger and better ones. But do these one at a time in the locations you have set out for them in your town plan. Also change any town centre signs with these changes.

Build a model section of the road and the wall at camp, near where all your chests are, so those building it later will know how to build them.

Set tasks for your people to do, put some on roads and others on the town hall/town centre and for the normal crop farms one location will do.

Set where the homes and shop districts will be and any other prominent landmarks you want in town.

Mark out housing/shop plots with a nice boarder block which will never be removed. Eg: When subzoning a plot mark the inside corners of the marked out plot zone, this allows you to know at a later date when a plot has been demolished, where the plots boarders are.
I personally like at least 20 x 20 (that's 22 x 22 for the plot markers), so there is room for a 3 deep wall/eave on the builds and a few for gardens/fencing. (So let's say the first 5 blocks all around into a plot are for the depth/walls.) Then the room inside will be 10 x 10 and big enough for rooms.)

As for mob farms:
Here I recommend spacing out the animal farms around the town, if you want many animals in these farms and if any spawners were found by miners, mark them on the surface, so you can allocate where to put the animals.
Normally when we design our towns, we do it for the convenience of the residents and not for mob count. (We now need to take this into consideration when planing a town.)
I am finding that now with the re-enforcement of mob rules, that pigmen farms can drag in a lot of mobs.
I suggest placing these sort of grinder farms in the air 101 blocks away from the maximum height of any ground mobs. So that it should not spark up any pigmen spawning when one is running around the village below (I can’t guarantee that this will not happen). You may have problems doing this if you build your town on a mountain, so choose another option here.
In a corner of town.
At least 100 blocks away from town, either with its own regions or just within the NBZ area. (But if you do the NBZ one, then make sure the animal farms in town are 100 away from the grinders closest wall to town.)
Pigman farms can also be fully automated by using a snowman as the attacker, then you just have to go down and collect the XP.

Also include these farms into your town:
Coloured sheep in a sheer shed design.
Iron/villager breeder farm. (I incorporated this in one unit and a single cell should be big enough for the towns people. If you want to make a bigger one I suggest you make it in a similar place to the NBZ pigman’s farm.)
Trade Centre to trade with villagers. Don’t over stock this place, again 50 should be enough in a 100 area from other mobs.
Cow/sheep/pig/chicken breeding stock. Just 2 of each in a locked room will do in case someone kills all the animal stock in the pens.
Make a 10 chicken egg machine to collect eggs and have a reserve stock of at least 1 chest of eggs. (If you do this you don’t need the chickens mentioned above.)
Snow farm.
Or any other farm you would like to make that contains mobs.
Evenly space out all farms by at least 100 blocks between or whatever the mob distance is.
Keeping mob counts to a maximum of 100 or less per zone.

And most importantly...
Good Luck and Have Fun.

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05-08-2018, 03:15 AM
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RE: How to start up a Village. Guide only.

hi there
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05-08-2018, 06:58 AM
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RE: How to start up a Village. Guide only.
Nice guide!!

This is more like “how to start” in the beginning but GJ overall!
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05-08-2018, 12:44 PM
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RE: How to start up a Village. Guide only.
(05-08-2018 06:58 AM)vip2kea Wrote:  Nice guide!!

This is more like “how to start” in the beginning but GJ overall!

That’s the title?

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05-08-2018, 12:45 PM
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RE: How to start up a Village. Guide only.
so cool!Big Grin

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05-08-2018, 01:46 PM
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RE: How to start up a Village. Guide only.
(05-08-2018 12:44 PM)MichaelSteve Wrote:  
(05-08-2018 06:58 AM)vip2kea Wrote:  Nice guide!!

This is more like “how to start” in the beginning but GJ overall!

That’s the title?

Wut? I was just stateing that the begging of the guide is more like a how to start.
Ehh my worlds are confusing, whatever >.>
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05-08-2018, 07:42 PM
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RE: How to start up a Village. Guide only.
In a way it is like how you start, Vip. But this can be done any time in the life of a map. I did it this way because most people do it at the start of a map more than in the middle of one. Or, at the start of their time on CV, once they have settled in.
But all in all, its how you find a good spot to build a village/town. It's really all to do with organisation. The quicker you get your basic structures up and lighting and signage, the quicker you can get your protection to start building your town. For some it may take weeks, but I have seen some people do this in a few days.

I just recently showed Elliott he was going the wrong way about making his village. All it took was for me to make a 3 high wall and light the place. He had all the other requirements done, he was just missing those two things and he got the rg he needed to then build with the blocks of choice. Now he is replacing the cobble wall with that block and he has no fear of being griefed.

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