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Old Cubeville Videos from 2011
07-09-2018, 08:46 PM
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Old Cubeville Videos from 2011
I would have thought only a year or two ago, but I checked and its been 4 years already(!), I posted about a video I made in cubeville back in mid 2011. That video is this one here:

Which is actually called "How to make a jukebox and get music discs in minecraft", or something like that. It's not about cubeville specifically, but it does take place in cubeville and show some players speaking back then. Had about 170k views back in 2014, but has only gained 50k since (some dastardly villain actually made a decent video on jukeboxes in 2014).

I've recently found another video of mine, way less popular at only about 250 views, where I show my cubeville house at the time and you can see chat for about 5 minutes. Since it's been another several years, I figured I would post the original video again and the other one I found for the first time in case anybody wanted to see june 2011 cubeville again/for the first time.

My Minecraft home on Cubeville:

Can't believe my original post was 3 years after the vids were made, and now it's been 7 years! Rip Quests btw. Those things were the bees knees.

Old forum post if you wanted to see the comments but there are only like 2

Cool Hi. If you see pocoyo, say hi for me. Cool
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07-10-2018, 06:44 PM
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RE: Old Cubeville Videos from 2011

:O nice!

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Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately, School plus insanity area = to busy.
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07-10-2018, 07:03 PM (This post was last modified: 07-10-2018 07:05 PM by Tisjstme.)
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RE: Old Cubeville Videos from 2011
Was fun watching the old vidz and reading chat before I joined CV.
First vid...
I am taking it that this 2011 is map 2.
OMG back in June 2011, 1 year before my time, you guyz had to wait for tp home... wow.
And Snuke was a mod back then too, lol.
NUM u was on a yr before me man.
Chat even told u when ppl found Dia's!!!
Even Console had funny auto chat. I Miss them days on map 3 and 4.
And Deathsole without the actual (deathsole) word.
Fines... I remember them on maps 3 and 4 too.
I see the replies were from Clicki and Spaz, lol Click was from after this time too, like me.
Second vid...
I see Cactus Jack was back then too
And Sssaa, U even knew me before I got on CV... First thing u said was... tis cubeville!
Needa was only a S back then.
Even GG used to play... :'(
Mini Quests... make Kitty 15 cooked fish. wow.
Mwahahaha was popular back then as well.
Needa even admits he was EVIL... XD
Even Inutt played... :'(
GG summoned Herobrine... I thought he was removed.

As for ur sig Ssssaaa, pocoyo's last recorded names were by players back in Feb 2015 and after. So there would be no tracking Po now. Sorry so cant say 'Hi' for u.

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