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Poll: FL News Co. Report For 23/12/18!
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FL News Co. Report For 23/12/18!
12-23-2018, 02:16 PM
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FL News Co. Report For 23/12/18!
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FL CO NEWS REPORT - 23/12/18

General CV/Town/Village News

Fugang Is Town!
The east-asian village of Fugang has now passed the vote for a passing town!

FL/BD Fund Money Income!
lukeaugust1, Fletchland builder and owner of stop and chill has gifted 2000c to Lime_247 as present! Lime only has 900c left.

Cubeville's Big Lodge
Lime_247, FestiveParakeet_ and bahamabucks are starting planning and work on a new cvc lodge for players to stay in made of acacia.

Village Interviews!

Easton is a small town near cvc, along the east rails, which started in September 2018. Easton is a present - day fairly modern style town. Kerczerny, Easton's Mayor, states: We want to become a town and we hope for more people to buy our plots. The founders are Bballguy, PhysicsLover999 and Kerczerny.

StoneClan is a small warrior-cats themed village, originally started at the beginning of this month by Bahamabucks, who later passed on they mayoral role to FestiveParakeet_.FestiveParakeet_ states: StoneClan wants to create a no extra rule, no code environment with a welcoming attitude.

Job Section

A person that goes around and finds all the latest gossip from staff and players. 2c per gossip found.

We are looking for new reporters to join the team and write articles when others cannot. Pay - 10c per newspaper written.

Services and Shopping

Lime Decor
Lime_247 will happily decorate your room to any extent for FREE if you supply all materials!

Lime Houses
We will renovate or build any small house desired for FREE if all materials provided by customer

We are a large, organic produce company selling extra cheap stones, sand, dirt, crops and more! All produce is sourced from the villages Fletchland and Bluedenia! We have 2 open branches, and one in the making process. We hope to become cubevilles biggest shop chain in cv6, in nearly every town, drop town and village! We have our main branch at Delmar Megamall, a coming - soon branch in Quartztown, and a branch in FuGang! Find out more at our site:FL/BD Produce Site - Click Here!

Address:10 Terracotta Ave., Fletchland.
Maplink[Click Here]
Reporters:Lime_247, FestiveParakeet
Main News Organizer/Founder:Lime_247
Report By:Lime_247

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Founder of official CV6 villages, Bluedenia and Stonalia
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