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Gain money with the least effort; a comprehensive guide
02-26-2019, 08:48 PM (This post was last modified: 02-26-2019 08:54 PM by JamesCreations.)
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Gain money with the least effort; a comprehensive guide
Gain money with the least effort; a comprehensive guide
We all want to be rich in Cubeville, and that comes with the question "how?" You answer yourself, "make a shop." You don't want to overcome the hassle of refilling shops every single day, posting advertisements every five minutes in chat. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to gain money with the least effort.

Prime need not be expensive.
Get a plot in a drop town for your shop. Not only is it free, but can be accessed almost as easily as a plot in Cubeville City. The ideal size is 16x16 or similar, and preferably should not be more than 100 blocks away from the portal.

Make it news, then spread the news.
Make it news. Phrase the ad like it is talking about a big tsunami. Rather than "Poopie's Poop Shop, __ __ __, Rivenshire Drop Town," write "BARGAIN! 5c A STACK! __ __ __, Rivenshire Drop." Notice that "town" has been removed to save space, therefore dragging people's attention to letters in caps even more. Notice that the name of the shop is not put there, rather a dramatic "BARGAIN! 5c A STACK!"
The ideal advertisement is through bossbars and region messages. Not only does it not require any effort, but it drags attention. Make three seven-by-seven hollow cubes (as close as possible to the start of each of the Cubeville Rail Lines, one for each line) of furnaces immediately at the start of the map and /lock those furnaces. Those will be for withers with the ad as their name. Each time you create a region, make sure that an advertisement for your shop is in the region greeting and farewell.

Sell a necessity.
Sell something that's needed by everyone, like wood, iron, or diamond. This way, a small price increase won't reduce your profit.

Automation is the effortless way to wealth.
You wanted it to be effortless, right? Many people forget that we can just put a tree farm right above a shop, and have hoppers directing the wood towards the chests.

Buy for free.
Make sure to have a chest where you can only buy and not sell. If one sells to you through that chest, the item you bought may not always be sold, so don't take risks. Just make it "S FREE."

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02-27-2019, 07:14 PM (This post was last modified: 02-27-2019 07:16 PM by Tisjstme.)
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RE: Gain money with the least effort; a comprehensive guide
This is a great idea for a guide. Getting money for the least effort can be easy with this kind of advice.
Also getting money with a bit more effort will get out just that bit more money too.
The extra effort I talk about is mining/foraging, something you do each day, and you can do this just by knowing who sells what for what price and whether the higher priced shops chests are full or not. An example here is, cobble, stone, logs, wood, nether rack, dirt. They can be easy acquired but can also have full chests in shops because they ARE common blocks.
Once you know what is available out there you are set to know what to buy and sell to what shops. What you do is buy from the cheap shop and sell to the dearer shop, but also be careful and don't over buy cause others may sell to these shops too, which will mean the chests may be almost full.
So get a stack or 2 at a time to sell and ok it might mean you run between shops a lot, but its better than having shacks of unwanted items that you will lose out on if you have to sell it back to the shop. Or you can if you do have lots over, put up an offer in market chat with a price between the buy and sell prices of that shop, eg: they have B 4 and S 2... then u try and sell it for 3. Also having SK = Shop Keeper is a great start too. So maybe do the quest, as you do the tips here to save.
Another way is to find someone who is wanting to buy a specific item (eg: Wally was doing dark oak logs and leaves a while back and people made a killing and earned themselves a load of money. He also did quartz for a while too, where in a few days I made about 1000c).
So yeah you can get money if you are willing to work a bit for it and NO, no matter what way you want to make money there WILL be some effort/work needed to get it.

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02-28-2019, 01:57 PM
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RE: Gain money with the least effort; a comprehensive guide
Like what Tis said, you can't make cubes without any effort (unless you want to vote every day for the rest of your life?). If you make little effort, and sell only the cheapest blocks (since they are easiest to find), you will only make a small amount.
Also, about what james said, you said "sell something that is needed, so a small price increase wont reduce your profit". However, if you increase your price, your buyers would just move on to the cheaper shop.
Not trying to be a whiny complainer, just saying my opinion on this Smile

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