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CV Inspired Ghost-ish Story (In-Progress)
04-17-2019, 12:13 PM (This post was last modified: 04-24-2019 12:05 PM by Tiger.)
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RE: CV Inspired Ghost-ish Story (In-Progress)
right now Smile

[$$]_HunniB_(S): MP
[MP]TheEndlessSummer(M): hunni
[$$]_HunniB_(S): you are nub.
[MP]TheEndlessSummer(M): vic is nub
[SK]vic_torus(S): tes is nub
*TheEndlessSummer pokes vic with “you nub”
*vic_torus pokes back with “no, you nub”
[||||]RedRath©: both of you are nubs
[MP]TheEndlessSummer(M): no, vic is.
[SK]vic_torus(S): tes is nubmod
[||||]RedRath©: …
[$$]ScarlettOliv©: …

We walked to Appy’s house, then Appy grabbed a map from her inventory and put it in a item frame so we could all see it. It was a map to her base. Oh, and by the way, Appy’s voidcrystal sword is ex-cow-abur.
Not having songs from our world is kinda annoying, i think we’re gonna have to make our own discs for jukeboxes….
I now almost always have a song in my head…
Back to here and now.
We kept walking to Appy’s house.
Once we arrived, however, it looked just like mine.
Completely and utterly destroyed.
As we walked through the fallen stones, we saw something glistening in the floor.
A crystal.
Or a shard of a crystal….
Sam picked it up, then tossed it from hand to hand like a baseball.
“At least it’s not poisoning me,” he said, still tossing it from hand to hand.
“Be careful, i don't think i wanna know what’ll happen when it breaks,” MC said.
I think she was a little worried.
I was too.
Appy stayed at her house while the rest of us walked through the half-blown up streets of the town.
I turned around,
It was SavageEmoji.
“Mind if i join you guys?”
“Sure,” Bah replied.
The seven of us continued walking.
Then we heard footsteps.
Then everything went black.


My head hurts, so does my leg.
Bah had a cut on her arm.
Blue had a gash on her wrist.
Sam was limping.
Gracie had a bleeding shoulder.
Novi had a cut over her eye which looked cool but painful.
And MC had a bleeding scar across her arm.
I looked up, and saw that i had a cut over my eye like Novi.

I still dunno what day it is but it’s a update….

I finally felt the energy to get up and look around…
I-i-i think we’re in another prison.
I heard Bah’s voice, but i couldn’t see her anywher--


U… u… update?

I was in a bed, in Bah’s throne room.
Novi was in a corner crafting something.
Blue tried to swing her sword at a armor stand but the gash on her wrist - which now was wrapped in silk - couldn’t support the weight of her adamant sword.
MC limped over to a bed and basically face planted into the pillow.
Sam leaned up against the wall.
Gracie limped over to the beds and layed down on one.
And Bah basically did the same thing MC did, but the back of her head hit the pillow, not her face.
The beds were in a quartz room with chests next to every bed.
As my vision flooded back from fuzziness, to normal, i realized the chests were labeled.
The one next to my bed had a label: Tigernub’s stuff and healing potions.
I think Bah placed that sign there….
I got up, and limped out of the room.
(i also grabbed my sword)
I then went up the ladder, then heard voices:
“Are you sure you built the robot correctly?”
That was the ghast scream voice.
“Mhm.” that was another ghast scream voice.
Then realization hit me so hard i almost flew off the ladder.
redstone robot… i thought. This is bad. This is so, so, bad.
I let go of the ladder, then grabbed it again when the floor was in view, then jumped off again.
I then raced to the built-in hospital thing the others were in and burst through the door.
Bah looked up, alert.
Everyone else did similar things.
“Mazter! Mazter!” i shouted.
“WUT?? WUT??” she asked, half asleep.
“The ghosts have a redstone operated robo-wither operational!”
Was all she said, then threw the chest lid off its hinges and took out her stuff.
The rest just looked at us quizzically, then began getting their stuff from their chests.
I saw Bah grab a book from her chest, open it, then began writing in it.
As we ran through the hallway Bah pressed a button and all of us disappeared.
I felt myself pixelate and deform, then all went black.

Still unknown day update.
Honestly i just stopped keeping track of the days.

I felt myself reform in a bedrock chamber.
The rest were reforming as well.
After a few minutes of silence, i said: “what was that??”
Looking back, i sorta screamed at her….
Sorry, Bah!
It was just like her throne room, except i could hear lava above the bedrock roof.
[SK]LoveySparraDovey©: BNM
[$$]BandNerdMama(S): sparra
[SK]LoveySparraDovey©: am i nub
[$$]BandNerdMama(S): mhm
*GensisAI is BNM and cade’s evil robo-servant
[SK]TigerDaWizard©: :o
[SK]vic_torus(S): o.O
[DM]ChaoticCade(S): wait… did we agree on the AI nub being our robot servant?
[$$]BandNerdMama(S): mhm
[DM]ChaoticCade(S): i don’t think i remember that….
*BandNerdMama pokes Cade with “we did nub”
[DM]ChaoticCade(S): ,-,

We heard a large BOOM above us, then the sound of a pigman squealing.
My guess was the robot blowing up the base and falling into the lava.

[group]bahamabucks: i nub mazter, BOW TO ME
[group]TigerDaWizard: (bows)
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04-17-2019, 12:26 PM
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RE: CV Inspired Ghost-ish Story (In-Progress)
Nice Smile

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
That creeper is green,
And it's about to kill you.
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04-19-2019, 07:25 AM
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RE: CV Inspired Ghost-ish Story (In-Progress)
This story is getting better each time Tiger. Big Grin

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04-19-2019, 10:16 AM
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RE: CV Inspired Ghost-ish Story (In-Progress)
Rip house, looks like i'll be moving back to some old grassy fields again

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Yesterday, 07:24 PM
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RE: CV Inspired Ghost-ish Story (In-Progress)
Lol Appy

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Yesterday, 11:15 PM
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RE: CV Inspired Ghost-ish Story (In-Progress)
newest and final update Smile

We headed back to spawn.
This time spawn looked… normal.
No broken sword bits.
No screaming attackers coming out of nowhere.
Just… nubby peace.
I spotted someone in the distance with… uh… a yoga mat.
We grabbed our elytra and flew above them, unnoticed.
They headed to a place with a big sign over it saying ‘Tisjstyoga’...
I’m officially confused now.
Honestly, it’s kinda hard to do ‘downward dog’ in minecraft. Cuz you’ll just look pixelated.
‘Downward pixelnubdog’ just seems a little weird….
We heard a ghast screech behind us.
I turned around, then all went black.
(this “all went black” is getting a bit old, isn’t it?)


Usually i would write something about our group being in a prison suddenly, with a cow that can whistle. This time, however, we got stuck.
In Moni’s cakeland.
A bat flew over my head, then headed over towards a giant cake.
Novi tried to climb up the obsidian shards leading upward, when she got there, she was almost zapped by lightning.
Savage grabbed a compass but it kept moving around in a disco dance thing….
Bah walked what i thought was east, then… didn’t return.
Novi, Uni, and the rest of us went looking.
More twees.
I’ll let you guess.
What is it that we found? A whistling ninja cow?!?
A zombie cheecken!?
None of those.
Just another twee.
A cake twee.
Ender chest twee.
Swamp twee.
Oh, and a twee.
We saw light up ahead, and Bah standing in knee deep swamp water with slimes attacking her.
We all rushed in and swung our swords at the slimes fiercely.
A few minutes later we defeated all the slimes.
Then promptly fell into a portal.
I barely got to see a blue jacket before slipping through the purple mist of a portal.
Wait a second…
Cross that out.
The green mist of the portal.
Red mist….
Wait no… it is purple-
The point is, the portal wasn’t a normal portal color.
But we found ourselves in the nether.
A ghast shot a fireball from its mouth at us, and we flew back.
A flash of yellow-purple-red-blue-green-ish mist later we were in the End.
An enderman screeched at me from behind, and did a very annoying poke in the back of my head.
The others were being poked in the head by endermen too.
The enderman that was poking me slapped me.
In da face.
I flew back from the impact.
My head was leaning over the edge of the End island we were on.
The purple glow of the void was giving me a headache.
I then kicked the enderman.
In da face.
That went on for a while.
I’ll give you detail on the others for you.
Bah punched the enderman in the side, kicked its legs from under it, then knee-punched it in the stomach.
Novi used an enderman’s own speed against it by letting it tele-charge at her, then stepped out of the way so the enderman fell off the edge of the island with a screech.
Savage threw her sword, which landed in the enderman, then it fell to the ground, disappeared, then became a Ender Pearl.
Sam blew up his enderman with TNT, then kicked the last unlit block into the air, lit it, and it became a firework.
Uni jumped, stepped on the enderman’s head, and then slashed at it’s back with her sword.
Gracie charged, rolled, then kicked the enderman from behind itself.
There were more coming toward us.
All i wanted was a lake to pop outta nowhere.
That exact same thing happened.
It splashed all over the endermen that were closing in on us.
Then when all the endermen were dead, me and Sam started splashing each other with water.
Sam splashed from the right, i expected it to come from the left, i jumped, and got splashed.
The both of us burst out laughing.
When i looked up, i saw the exit portal.
Completely covered with wool. Black wool.
The type only found on cat beds.
I stared at it, then said: “is it just me, or does anyone think that a cat lover wants to kill us?”
Pain shot through my left arm. I turned around, and saw the attacker.
Same blue jacket. Same red eyes. Same green hair. Same griefer.
I reached out for my sword, which was now enchanted with Loyalty VII.
The others had same enchant.
(Loyalty means when your sword is grabbed by a enemy, it burns their hand with a lava like substance. It increases attack strength by 10% per level.)
I grabbed my adamant knife i’d found in my old storage chests.
The handle was cyan wool.
The griefer thrust with his wood sword.
I snapped it with my dagger which was backwards in my hand now.
Novi threw a pickaxe at the griefer, which snagged his jacket sleeve and flew him toward the void.
With a final screech he yowled: “THIS ISN’T THE END!”
“Well, technically it is.” i said.
It was true. We were standing in a pile of water, endermen trying to kill us from a distance, and chorus fruit stems were everywhere.
Suddenly the world shook.
The server was crashing.
We all quickly removed the wool and jumped through.


Falling. Falling. Falling. That's what i woke up to.
Falling. Falling. Falling. Now i know how a raindrop feels.
Falling. Falling. Falling. The ground became closer, 10 blocks. 8 blocks. 6 blocks. 4 blocks…
Water poured around me. We had landed in Uni’s hot tub.
I saw a zombie, then punched it.
In da face.
And then, it punched back.
Who knew??
Novi swung with her sword. And seconds later we had a mini decoration.
Then, we whispered /spawn, and teleported.

Do not leave your pets at spawn. They will be removed, potentially permintantly.

It was just like before. Swords slashing, trying to get to staff headquarters.
The roof blew up. So did the hub portal.
Smoke flew everywhere.
Appy drank invisibility and swiftness VII.
Twig, Jack, Claw, Sed, and Sparra were racing through the landscape, the world falling behind them.
We sprinted and parkoured to have even a chance at living.
SuperAlexstar and SecretMermaid flew overhead, Mermaid was on Alex’s head. And Alex was using elytra to fly through the crowd.
Lime joined Blue in the chaos and started running to the staff HQ together.
Novi slipped, then started falling to the void.
I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up. “Thanks,” she said. “No proble-” i got cut off by a series of explosions heading toward us.
Spawn? Gone.
Hub portal? Gone.
Peetie Rock-it Slim? Gone.
Admin shop? Gone.
We raced past vic’s store and through the CVC school house.
ItzJustSakura joined us in the now normal near-death-experience everyone was facing.
“SAKURA.” was all Novi said, then while running, hugged her. Sakura did the same.
I leaped through the window, taking slight damage from the shards, then started sprinting again.
There it was. Just inside view.
I raced towards the door, which was off its hinges, and use-spammed the lift up sign to the System Admin floor. As we rushed through the hallways, the building started sinking.
Me, my friends, and everyone else burst through Inutterable’s doorway.
Inside there was a tiny little command block with a tiny little button to match. Without thinking, i pressed it. Then the world slowly went white.
(i just thought, enough with the ‘then all went black’ thing.)
I woke up in my real bed. In my real house. With my real cat.
I got up, and raced out the doorway of my bedroom.
“MOM CAN I PLAY MINECRAFT.” was all i said.
After i logged on all i could see was white light.
It wasn’t a dream.
It was reality.
<insert dramatic music here>
OR IS IT???? :o

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