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Mumbo's new home...
05-14-2019, 08:35 AM
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Mumbo's new home...
Wasn't sure where to put this, so here was a good a place as any seeing it is partially Minecraft related.

Making a Home:
Video By Mumbo Jumbo, 12 May 2019.
Talking about his new irl home and some of the comments made about it. You have to know and watch Mumbo to understand some of these comments.
I found them really funny.
You don't have to watch the 3 and a half minute vid before reading the spoiler below, if you know him.

Spoiler Expand
Original comments:
When u play too much minecraft

“Building a house irl”
Mumbo, if you do any renovations, you should do a third person time lapse IRL.

AFKing over night and let TNT do everything?
Couldn't you just hire Grian to build it?
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your logo has a moustache
Why don't you??

Are you growing a moustache???
Wow, the new 1.14 textures look really good!

Yeah mojang did a really good job on making it realistic!

Especially the new minecraft skins!!

This is some HD minecraft texture pack.
Mumbo: Can we change the front entrance to a piston door?
Vicky: No.
Mumbo: What about a hidden staircase?
Vicky: No
Mumbo: An automatic chicken cooker that retracts into the wall?
Vicky: NOOO!

Replies to that last comment:
A few moments later…
Vicky: leaves the house
Mumbo: Hello everyone this is Mumbo, welcome back…

Vicki: Absolutely not!

What about a storage system. Everyone knows a proper base has to have a giant storage system.
"We don't need a giant storage system and it's not a 'base', it's a HOME, Oli!"

What about some hidden crafting benches...

Mumbo: Gotta have an armour equiper.. but for clothes!

And something like 1400 pumpkins in one spot...

How long do you figure before Iskall swings by and builds a giant concrete moustache on the front of his house?

If that actually happened though

True story

I can imagine.

This is beautiful

Lol best comment ever


Thank you this made my day

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