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[Guide] Shopkeeper’s Guide to Shops
07-24-2019, 09:19 PM (This post was last modified: 07-24-2019 09:27 PM by _AgentX.)
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[Guide] Shopkeeper’s Guide to Shops
Part of having the rank of Shopkeeper is being able to run a chest shop. Lately, multiple people have asked me how to create a chest shop signs and what to sell in their shop. Since it may be confusing at first, I decided to create this guide on how to create successful chest shops. I hope you find this helpful! Thanks!

1. Building Your Shop
As simple as it seems, this is a very important aspect to your shop and is something you’ll want to get right. When building your shop, you want to choose a design that is generally pleasing to the eye without being overwhelming. Just like shops irl, you will want to build a shop that catches the eyes of players. I suggest going into a creative Minecraft world to build the first few floors of your shop so you can get the hang of it. I’m addition, it is good to choose a block that is either cheap to buy or easy to obtain. For example, it would be a lot easier and cheaper to make a shop out of stained glass and polished andesite than it would to make a shop out of diamond blocks. To summarize, you simply want to choose a pleasant building design and material.

2. Knowing What to Sell
You may have noticed while walking around CVC that some shops have a general theme. For example, some shops sell only colored blocks or only food. Before you jump right in to creating your shop, you need to know what to sell and if you will have different floors to your shop. I suggest grabbing a notebook irl and making a plan for your shop. When deciding what to sell, you need to pick items that you know how to obtain. It’s also important that don’t sell items that you don’t enjoy stocking. For example, if you really don’t like farming, you probably shouldn’t sell farm goods.

3. Shop Organization and Stocking
Now that your shop is built and you know what to sell, it’s time to start putting chests in your shop. A common mistake I see players make is where they fill a floor of a shop up with random items, with no signs or item blocks to keep the floor organized. To be honest, I sometimes walk into shops to find a certain item, and end up walking out because I have to read all of the chest shop signs just to find what I’m looking for. I suggest using signs with colored letters or putting chests on top of the block you are selling. Before opening your shop, it’s good to leave a sign on each chest to say what it is so it is easier to stock. It’s good to keep the chest half way full at all times to there is room to buy and sell items.

4. How to Make Chest Signs
Your shop is almost finished! Now, you just need to use your shopkeeper ability and create chest signs.

The top line should say your player name. (Example: “_AgentX”)
Note: The shopkeeper rank does not allow you to make chest shop signs for other people.

The second line should say the amount of items you are selling. (Example: 64)

The third line is the tricky part. This is the line where you put the prices. It should say “B<space><price>:S<space><selling price>”.
(Example B 1.5:S 1)
Note: If you do not want players to sell to you, do not add anything after the buying price to the sign. (Example: B 7.25) If you only want players to sell to you, you do not include anything before the “S”. (Example: S 34)

The last line should say the name of the item you are selling. To find the shop sign name of an item, hold it in your hand and do
/item info.

5. Pricing
When it comes to pricing, you need to find the happy medium. You never want to make something too expensive (Example: 1 piece of dirt for 1 cube), but you never want to make and item too cheap, either.
(Example: 1 diamond for 0.1 cube) It is helpful to look in other chest shops to get pricing ideas. You can ask on market chat (Example: “What are stacks of redstone going for these days?”)

I hope this guide was helpful. If you have any more questions, you can reply to this thread.

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07-25-2019, 05:36 PM
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RE: [Guide] Shopkeeper’s Guide to Shops
cool, ty Agent.
when i sell stuff, (potions) they are like 3c o-o
the pricing tip helps Big Grin

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07-25-2019, 08:19 PM (This post was last modified: 07-25-2019 08:25 PM by Tisjstme.)
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RE: [Guide] Shopkeeper’s Guide to Shops
This is a good Guide.
I have some more tips...
In part 3:
When shopping in CVC, it's easy to see what you are after in a block shop/floor cause you can place the block there, but when it comes to items it is much harder and you have to read the signs. Where possible place the item with the chest (like a fence or gate etc) but things like iron ingots you can place a block in for it. But the hardest ones to do are things like leads or flesh and these you will have to put signs for.
There is an exception to this and that is when you have a shop in a town where you can place item frames. (Cause CVC has a ban on them.)
I have some tips on obtaining the items needed for your shop too. Once you know what you are selling go to the places you need to gather them and do a mass collection. I mean like about 4 to 6 double chests full of the item, like cobble, stone, slabs etc, or a single chest of things like dyes, flowers etc. (I do this with sand, gravel and logs a lot.) Having a storage room too helps. So that when it comes to stocking your shop you just have to grab it from your storage.
In step 4:
The easiest I found to do the shop signs is to,
Leave ...the top line alone.
Do amount like 64 ...on the second line.
Price, B (space) .20 (space) : (space) S (space) .20 ...on the third line... So it looks like this B .20 : S .20 ...instead of this B.20:.20S which can confuse people on the cost because its all squashed together. Having it spaced out lets the person at a glance see the price much easier.
? ... on the forth line (and place the item in the first slot inside the chest for what you are selling on the sign. This is important for if you want to have multiple items in 1 chest.) (If you forgot to put an item in the chest it will ask you to click the sign with the item you want in the chest.)
Then once you hit done it will put your name on the top row and fill in the item name. Then you know you did it right. Also saves all those signs popping off because you did it wrong.

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