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Poll: SG for Town!
I think you can definately get town by then at this developmental rate.
I think there is a possibility of you getting town at this rate.
I think you may not be able to get town at this rate.
I dont think getting town at this rate will be possible.
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SG for Town!
08-15-2019, 09:28 AM (This post was last modified: 08-15-2019 12:29 PM by Lime.)
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SG for Town!
So sometime soon sunflower grove will be applying for town.
Yeah, were small, somewhere around a lil bigger than official town FuGang.
Still, we believe size does not matter - the building quality does. Sunflower grove has loads of tall skyscrapers, up to about 13 stories tall some.

We have loads of farms, and a stable team.

Our team is me autumn_dance coldy and omia.
As build helpers we have AoC and lukeaugust1 (fl builder)
Luke is an amazing builder and has developed loads of pre built houses in our town! An apartment block, 2 terraces, 3 cottages, and a WIP mall! And AoC has helped loads doing the roads and layout work.

With these builders on our team we are confident we will be applying around or before October time! All of our homes are unique - Nothing the same, we also do some plots.

Our wall is being worked on, we are developing an outer lip with fences down from the lip to the ground every 3 blocks to make it spider proof and more stylish! Big Grin

Vote if you think we will be ready for town by october at the rate we are going.

[Image: oO8XviX.png]
[Image: f59LMdD.jpg]
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08-15-2019, 10:28 AM
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RE: SG for Town!
looks good, and it will be a nice town soon Smile

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08-15-2019, 06:54 PM
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RE: SG for Town!
I like your choice of build pallet, spruce, white, blue and yellow concrete with the accent of dark oak, oak and bales. The village has some good unique structure/colours within it but I feel it needs a bit more. Maybe build huge sunflowers that sit on the diagonal in all 4 corners of town so people know where they are.
You have to come up with something OMG'ish that will spark the staffs WOW factor. Like I did for DVII being the Huge Clown face and coaster. Take a run through some images on google and see if you can build them. That's how I came up with the Clown. (I thought I will do a coaster but what could I do for an entrance, then I thought Sydney's Luna Park cause that has a coaster.)
Seeing this is Sunflower Grove why not incorporate them into the town. Make say rides or amusements in them or a parkour. I know parkours have been overdone but it's the way in which you do them that counts. Or maybe a new type of game that people can either do alone or with a friend. These are always admired. I have a question for you. What is your favourite board game? Try building that. Have you ever played Mouse Trap. That would be a cool thing to make. Or Snakes and Ladders... These things haven't been done on CV so could be a good idea.
As for being ready, that up to you. Only you will know that. With DVII I was pushed into going for town early by the founders. So don't rush it if you feel you're not ready. Just loot at what is there and see if you think it will make town.
UNIQUE is the main key here.

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