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[Guide] Allowing users to build in your protected land
04-08-2011, 03:36 PM
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[Guide] Allowing users to build in your protected land
[list]Protected land that you own. You cannot add users to land that you are not the owner of unless the owner has asked an admin to give you permission to do so.
A feather (unless you already know the region name).

Once you have both the requirements, head over to the piece of protected land you wish to give another user permission to build on. Take out your feather and right click any block in the area. If you receive a message saying "WorldGuard: No defined regions here!", then you are not right clicking a protected block. Once you find a block that is protected, it will say "Can you build? Yes" followed by "Applicable regions: some_text_here." If the first line says "Can you build? No", then you are not in your own land and will not be able to give other users permission. In this example, the region I will be allowing someone else to build in is named "goalieguy6".

Now that you have the region name, the next step is simple. The command to add a user to your build list is as follows
/region addmember [region] [user]

Replace [region] with the name of your region (mine is "goalieguy6"), and [user] with whoever you would like to give permission to (mine will be "phanku") Since I would like to give phanku permission, I type "/region addmember goalieguy6 phanku" to add him to my build list.

When a user no longer needs permission on your land you may then remove them. The command is very similar.
/region removemember [region] [user]

As you can see, all you need to do is change "addmember" to "removemember". I will type in "/region removemember goalieguy6 phanku" to take away phanku's build permissions in my protected area.

It is also possible to add or remove multiple users in a single command, simply by adding them after the first user. For example, "/region addmember goalieguy6 phanku ShadowGator" or "/region removemember goalieguy6 phanku ShadowGator".

That ends this simple tutorial, if you require assistance or run into any problems, ask a staff member ingame!
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