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Service Chain Guide
08-27-2013, 10:21 AM
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Service Chain Guide
Shopkeeper Commands and Abilities
- Enables chest shops for the player (Full guide here).
- /me - Lets the player speak in global 3rd-person
- Player can use WorldGuard signs to sell regions/plots (Full guide here).

Doctor Commands and Abilities
- /doc [me/(player)] - Heals the targetted player to full health/hunger.

Repairman Commands and Abilities
- /rp cost - Displays the reagent required to repair your held item
- /rp - Repairs held tool/armor to max durability. Costs one piece of tool material (diamond, iron ingot, etc) for tools (several for armor depending on the type) and causes all enchantments on the item to drop one level.
- /level cost - Shows the experience level required to boost enchantments of your held tool
- /level [enchantment] - Boosts the enchantment of the held tool by one, up to one above normal maximum.
- /scuba [on/off] - Allows the player to breathe underwater.

Servicemaster Commands and Abilities
- Reduced /doc and /rp cooldowns
- Ability to create an automatic repair chest that works even if you're offline.
- Ability to create Toll doors.
- /rchest create - Turns the chest you're looking at into a repair chest
- /rchest remove - Disables your repair chest
- /rchest timer - Displays the cooldown time on your repair chest
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