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[Guide] How To Upload A Screenshot To The Cubeville Forums
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[Guide] How To Upload A Screenshot To The Cubeville Forums
How To Upload A Screenshot To The Cubeville Forums

STEP 1: Take a screenshot
Whenever you see something you need to take a screenshot of, the first thing you want to do is physically take the screenshot. To take a screenshot of your minecraft window, press the F2 button, or if you're on a laptop or mac, hold down Function (fn) and F2 at the same time. If done successfully, this should pop up:
[Image: xSqVERT.png]

STEP 2: Upload it to an image hosting service
First, you'll need to find your screenshots in the .minecraft folder. For this scenario, I will be using imgur, although there are ways to upload it to other services like photobucket as well.

First, what you want to do is hit the button in the bottom left corner:
[Image: LIU3pmq.png]
Then, you type %appdata% in the search bar and click on the roaming file.
Then, click on the .minecraft file, then on the screenshots file, and there's all of your screenshots!


(Actual video starts 30 seconds in, for some reason this guy has a 30 second intro)

Once you have your screenshots folder open you need to find the screenshot you took (The screenshots are named with their date and time). Then, pull up on your browser, (Or click the link) and drag the screenshot in the folder onto the website. If done successfully, this should pop up:
[Image: AQf15Mj.png]
From here, you should click the start upload button.
Congratz! You have successfully uploaded an image to imgur!

STEP 3: Post it to the forums
First, make sure that you're logged into a forums account. If you don't have a forums account, then you should make one before completing this step. Registering for the forums doesn't take long and is pretty self explanatory, so I'm not going to explain how to make one unless somebody asks me ingame.

What you'll want to do next is open up in a different tab than the imgur page, then from there click on forum thread you want to upload a screenshot to, if you are creating a new thread you do not need to worry about this.
Switch over to the imgur tab, and on the right hand side, under BBC code, you'll see a link. Copy that (Control/CMD+C) and paste it (Control/CMD+V) into the forums post you are creating. After that, hit post thread at the bottom of the page. Once you do that, pat yourself on the back, because you have successfully uploaded a screenshot!

If you have any questions, or if you get stuck at any point, please post your questions in the new users forum.

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