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[Guide] Land Protection [Video] - Meyoline - 08-22-2013 11:19 PM

"Cubeville and You" is a special tutorial series I've started specifically for the Cubeville server. ^ _ ^ This series will cover a variety of basic topics and/or unique aspects of our server that users should know but may need help with.

This episode is focused on basic Land Protection using World Guard. That includes claiming a region, adjusting its size, adding/removing members to the region, and deleting the region.

Video Link

(edit: sheesh, I don't know what's up with the thumbnail... changing it doesn't seem to fix it either >_> I'll re-make it and reupload the thumbnail soon)

While I will never be able to match Derp, I was hoping this particular video could act as a combination of that video and GG's written guide on adding/removing members to a region (located here). xD

Questions? Comments? Still need help? Feel free to let me know! ^ _ ^

RE: [Guide] Land Protection [Video] - StoicJ - 12-31-2016 02:15 AM

CV Specific Video:
Video Link

RE: [Guide] Land Protection [Video] - Cityscraper - 09-02-2018 12:04 PM

Can i lock Buttons?

RE: [Guide] Land Protection [Video] - Xeta - 09-02-2018 12:58 PM

Your Google-Fu is not strong.

RE: [Guide] Land Protection [Video] - Twigleg - 09-02-2018 01:00 PM

No, you cannot lock buttons, but you can put them behind a locked door, which would work too Smile

RE: [Guide] Land Protection [Video] - BandNerdMama - 09-03-2018 04:28 AM

You can also create a region around the button with a non-member interact deny flag. Only people added to THAT region (and owners of the parent region) can use the button/lever.

/rg flag [subzone name] -g nonmembers interact deny