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Updated Village and Town Requirements
12-25-2018, 07:02 PM
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Updated Village and Town Requirements
The SA team have been reviewing the village and town requirements, and today we are officially releasing the new versions. The aim of the changes is to make it easier for builders to understand what we're looking for, and to put more focus in towns on functionality and overall design than a few impressive builds. The separate landmark category is more appropriate for that kind of voting.

A summary of the changes are as follows:

Village Requirements
  • The required information for applications is now stated at the beginning of the post.
  • Clarification around the village centre requirements.
  • The definition of an island, not requiring a full wall, is expanded for clarification.
  • The wall must now fully enclose the proposed village protection. This was vague previously.
  • A little more specification around player builds.

Town Requirements
  • Unique structures replaced with Town Design. Whilst unique structures will still earn some points, they are no longer required for a town.
  • Layout section expanded to include Ease of Movement.
  • Commodities and Amenities split out from previous Sustainability category. Looks at what farms are available, the quality in effectiveness and design of those farms and other amenities.
  • Sustainability more specifically looks at the availability and quality of plots. Is there enough food and resources to sustain the population? Looks at whether the village is already active. Whilst not necessarily a requirement, a village with a few plots sold and shops open will earn a point or two here now.
  • Surrounding Area is pretty much the same, just expanded the definition to make it clearer what we're looking for.
  • Town Wall has been split off into its own category.

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12-31-2018, 06:19 PM
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RE: Updated Village and Town Requirements
And Flying Island is still the same?

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