Welcome to Winter Island

How do I get there?

Staff have been hard at work on Winter Island this year and now it is only a short train ride away! The Cubeville Express is currently taking all passangers right to Winter Island! The train is currently parked in the red and white train station to the east in CVC! Hop aboard and see what adventures await. If you want to sign up for the Secret Santa gift giving make sure you have done so by the end of 23rd December 2019. Enjoy!

What can I do here?

Winter Island is full of fun games and activities!

Secret Santa!

How do I participate in Secret Santa and get free gifts?

1. Talk to Buddy the elf and get a books (or bring your own).

2. Fill out the book with one option from each category, and your two favorite colors.

3. Sign the book and modreq (or ask an online staff member) to come and help you process your wishlist.

4. Pick a candycane and come back and check it on 25th December to see what you got!