Rules of Cubeville

Updated 17th of May, 2018

Introduction to the Rules

These rules are here to show you how to play without being offensive or harmful. These rules are not here to hinder you from enjoying Cubeville, they are here to ensure that all players can enjoy Cubeville together. All players are responsible for knowing our rules, and all players must read /rules before completing our tutorial and playing. Ignorance of the rules is not a defense.

Breaking our rules can have various consequences, up to and including a permanent ban from the server. If you think you received an undeserved ban, you may send an email to

Staff Rank Duties
Moderator We choose players to be moderators to help control our chat and also to assist new players. If you have an issue with a moderator kicking you for swearing in chat, keep in mind they are doing as we ask.
Senior Moderator Same as above, but with a few more responsibilities. Smods have the ability to ban and use /god to assist players.
Administrator Admins have a variety of additional abilities to help maintain the server. They have the ability to make changes in the survival world such as demo requests, help unlocking items or undoing griefing damage etc.
System Administrator System Admins are the highest staff, they set overall rules of the server, they build the server, they apply the mods to the server, etc. They also monitor and carry out duties of the other staff as well when applicable.

Inactivity Process

To keep our map as clean as possible, all builds owned by players who have been inactive 90 days can be removed due to inactivity unless the player has notified a staff member (either in game or on discord) & left a sign at their build/base, notifying us of their absence. Once the player has notified us AND placed signs in game, staff will not touch the builds owned by that player.

The Rules

  1. Behavior Rules
    1. Respect our staff, follow all staff instructions and do not waste their time.
      1. We choose every member of staff because we feel they can help us keep order on the server. If a staff member tells you to stop doing something, DO NOT ARGUE. Simply do as they say and allow all players to continue enjoying the server.
      2. Our staff get busy and have schedules to keep both in and out of game. Please, if you have an issue in-game, use /modreq or call for help in global chat. If you want to show off your build, we might be too busy to come admire your work.
      3. The /modreq command should be used to report rules being broken or to ask for help in-game. Do not abuse our help system.
      4. Staff can get very busy and will sometimes have to go into /v (invisible) to get things done. If you suspect a member of staff is in /v, or you know that they are, do not reveal that to anyone else, and do not send staff messages to test if they’re in /v. If you can’t see staff in tab, assume they’re either offline or busy.
    2. Do not grief.
      1. Griefing is the action of destroying someone else’s things. When a player builds something on our map, they should be able to leave and come back later without their work being destroyed. Griefing can include:
        • Removing or adding blocks to a build
        • Flooding with lava/water
        • Locking others’ chests and doors
        • Killing someone's mobs
    3. Do not steal.
      1. Do not take items that do not belong to you. Examples of stealing include, but are not limited to, the following:
        • Taking items from another players chests/furnaces/dispensers/shulkers
        • Picking up items that someone dropped to give to another user
        • Taking items from any server structure
        • NOTE: Taking death drops does not count as stealing, but it is polite to offer to return them if you know who they belong to.
    4. Do not hack or exploit glitches.
      1. Hacking is changing how data is sent between the server and the client or using that data in a way not intended by the game. This includes (but is not limited to):
        • X-ray mods, x-ray texture packs, and ore finders
        • Fly/Speed hacks
        • Inventory/Item hacks
        • Spam/Login hacks
        • NODUS or other hacked clients
      2. Glitches are those weird little quirks that abuse the game’s code to make things happen when they should not. Most are harmless, but some can be extremely harmful to our server. This includes (but is not limited to):
        • Duplication/infinite item glitches
        • Logout glitches
        • Exploiting AFK kicker avoidance to remain AFK whilst away from the computer (i.e. unable to respond within 10 minutes)
        • Ender pearl glitches to get to closed off areas
    5. No harming players outside of PvP arenas.
      1. Do not cause any harm to another player. This includes (but is not limited to):
        • Player traps (i.e. long drops, lava dispensers)
        • Intentionally causing suffocation or drowning
        • Luring mobs to kill a player
        • Tricking a player into harming themselves (i.e. renamed poison potions)
    6. No staff impersonation.
      1. We do not allow any sort of staff impersonation. This includes (but is not limited to):
        • Changing to a name that is similar to a staff members username
        • Changing to a name that suggests an official Cubeville representative
        • Changing into a staff members skin without permission
        • Claiming to be staff
        • Minimodding – Let staff do their job, if you think they didn’t see something, let them know in PM! Examples of minimodding: telling players off for spam etc. when staff are online and able to intervene, interrupting staff on a modreq and trying to assist, telling players they are going to be banned, discussing players who get swear kicked when they get back.
        • Making region greetings / farewells or otherwise mimicking server / staff messages

  2. Chat Rules
    1. Do not use rude/vulgar language.
      1. Do not swear or use vulgar language in any chat.
      2. Do not put any rude or vulgar language on signs or build them out of blocks.
      3. Do not post links in chat to vulgar content. This includes inappropriate and offensive videos, sites intended to crash web browsers, and any other harmful site.
      4. Do not harass or treat others rudely or disrespectfully. You do not have to agree with everyone, but you can disagree without being impolite.
    2. Do not advertise other servers/realms.
      1. Cubeville is not the place for you to advertise your own or other servers or realms. We do not go to other servers and advertise Cubeville and ask that you treat us with the same respect.
      2. We will also punish players who advertise Cubeville on other servers without that server’s permission.
    3. Do not spam public chat channels.
      1. Spam includes but is not limited to:
        • Repeating the same or similar message multiple times in a short space of time (this can be multiple player repeating the same message)
        • Typing nonsense/gibberish
        • Overuse of caps
    4. Use chat channels for their intended purpose.
      1. Global chat is for discussions between all players, not lengthy discussions between a small group of players or monologues. There is group chat and PM’s for that kind of thing.
      2. Market chat is for buying and selling, not general chit chat. It is also not appropriate to test colors or other text formatting. Please use signs for this purpose.
      3. PvP chat is for talk between players using the PvP arenas.
      4. MG chat is for talk between players using the minigames.

  3. Build Rules
    1. Do not build within 40 blocks of player builds, or 100 blocks from villages, towns and landmarks.
    2. Do not build offensive or vulgar symbols.
    3. Do not create redstone or mob farms which may cause excessive lag.
    4. Do not use more than 150 hoppers in one area (an area being defined as a 100x100, bedrock to sky region).
    5. Do not build player hazards.
      1. Player hazards include but are not limited to:
        • Exposed lava or fire that is not obvious or clearly marked, or presents a serious player hazard.
        • Large/deep pits without warning or protection.
        • Lift signs that lead to long drops.

  4. Ban Avoidance
    1. The use of other accounts (known as 'alts') to play whilst you are banned is not acceptable and will result in a ban on the other account and an increased ban duration on your main account for attempting to bypass your ban. Please respect our rules and the process of enforcing them; if you are banned it is for a reason.

  5. Player Rights
    1. You have the right to enjoy Minecraft without being harassed by anyone, staff or citizen.
    2. You have the right to appeal any ban on the forums, whether you are guilty or not. Be polite, and apologize when appropriate and you might be allowed back on our server.
    3. You have the right to report poor staff behavior. If you have a problem with a Mod/Smod/Admin, report it via discord or in game to an SA. If you have a problem with an SA, report it via discord to any other SA.

Reporting a rules violation

Report any rules being broken to the staff immediately. If you see us in-game, /msg or /modreq. If no staff are online, you may PM us on discord to report a violation to us. If you report via discord, please try to get screenshots of the rule being broken and describe as best as you can what rules were broken and how.

We will give punishment as we feel is needed to keep Cubeville friendly and safe. We do not have to warn anyone before we deal out punishments.

When you play on Cubeville, we will assume you have read our rules and punish accordingly. Not knowing our rules is not an excuse, as the rules are available in-game via /rules and must be read before finishing our tutorial.

The staff know the rules and abide by them. We do not break the rules just because we feel like it. System Admins can make new rules and policies as they need to, whenever they feel one is required. We can modify these rules at anytime and will make the change public knowledge when we do so.