Cubeville: Rules and Expectations

Updated 15th of July, 2023

Introduction to the Rules

By playing on Cubeville, you are agreeing to meet a series of expectations and follow a number of rules, which are outlined below. You can also access a summary in-game by using "/rules". These rules are in place to ensure that Cubeville remains a safe and enjoyable place for all players, where we can play together free from harassment with everyone being on a level playing field. All players are responsible for knowing our rules.

Staff Rank Duties
Moderator Moderators are responsible for helping control our chat, assisting new players, and handling basic support requests.
Senior Moderator Same as above, but with a few more responsibilities. Smods have the ability to ban and use /god to assist players.
Administrator Admins have a variety of additional abilities to help maintain the server. They have the ability to make changes in the survival world such as demo requests, help unlocking items, undoing griefing damage, etc.
System Administrator System Admins are the highest level of staff; they set the rules and direction of the server, and make any decisions or rulings needed. They also monitor and carry out duties of the other staff as well when applicable.

The rules and expectations are broken down into a few different categories. You need to read all of them, and ignorance of any rule will not be accepted as an excuse for breaking them. The tabs below will take you to specific sections.

(A) General Rules and Expectations

  1. Respecting CV Staff
  2. We expect all players to respect our staff and follow their instructions. Our staff are there to ensure CV is a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for all players. If a member of staff asks you to stop doing something, do not argue; simply do as requested and allow all players to continue enjoying the server. If you have concerns with the way a member of staff acts then you can message one of the System Admins privately, but that is not something you should seek to address publicly or through arguing back at the time.

  3. Minimodding
  4. All members of staff are chosen because they are mature enough to interpret and enforce the rules of Cubeville. Staff should be the only players enforcing the rules on Cubeville - if you believe you have spotted someone breaking the rules please let a member of staff know. If you believe that a player is unaware of a rule then you can remind them of it if a member of staff is not already involved in the situation. However, trying to take rule enforcement into your own hands is known as 'minimodding' and is discouraged on CV. Examples of minimodding include, but are not limited to:

    • Responding to questions aimed at staff.
    • Yelling at other players for spamming in chat (this can quickly become more spammy than the original message).
    • Demanding that staff mute/kick/ban a player. If you have concerns around a situation report it to staff, but they will investigate and decide on any punishments themselves.
    • Telling other players they are going to be punished by staff.
    • Telling other players they are in the wrong chat channel (in-game and on discord)

  5. Level Playing Field
  6. We expect all players to respect the idea of a level playing field by avoiding hacks, glitches and abuse of unintended behaviours. Minecraft is a much more fun experience when all players are equal without any unfair advantages. To support that goal, the following hacks, glitches, and bypasses are explicitly banned:

    • Xraying or use of other exploits to find hidden ores, rares, valuables, or player bases. This includes use of the debug screen to locate hidden areas.
    • Flying/Speed/Waterwalking Hacks
    • Item duplication
    • Ender pearl glitching to gain access to restricted areas
    • Breaking bedrock
    • Bypassing the afk kicker (using afk fishers, afk movement pools etc.)

    This is by no means an exhaustive list, where players have asked about specific mods or behaviours you can find them under section 5 of the rules. If you aren't sure whether a mod or behaviour is allowed on Cubeville, and it hasn't already been addressed under section E, then please ask a member of staff before you make use of it.

  7. Impersonation
  8. All of our players are unique, and we would like to keep it that way. Therefore we do not allow impersonation of any other CV player or representative of CV without their permission. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Changing your username to one that is similar enough to another players' that you could be mistaken for them.
    • Changing your username to one that suggests you are an official Cubeville representative or claiming to be staff.
    • Changing into another players' skin without their permission.
    • Making region messages or otherwise mimicking official server messages.

  9. Family Friendly Chat and Builds
  10. Chat and builds on Cubeville should be appropriate for all players to view, and should not be harmful to anyone. To that end we request that all players follow these rules:

    • Do not swear or use inappropriate language in any chat.
    • Do not build any rude or inappropriate symbols or buildings on any of our servers.
    • Do not put any rude or inappropriate language on signs or build them out of blocks.
    • Do not post links in chat to rude or inappropriate content.
    • Do not insult or call other players' rude/mean names. This includes names you might think are funny but the other player has asked you not to use.
    • Do not harass or treat others rudely or disrespectfully.

  11. Respectful Chat
  12. As well as keeping chat appropriate on Cubeville, we also want to emphasise the need to be respectful of all players when talking. We allow discussion of a wide range of topics on CV, so long as they don't devolve into arguments, and this is only possible if all players are respectful of each other. You can disagree with someone else and still respect them and understand that they have different opinions to you. So long as disagreements happen calmly, and are resolved through discussion or just agreeing to disagree, then they are not an issue. However, problems arise when a disagreement becomes an argument, and at that point staff will ask everyone to drop the topic of conversation and may speak individually to players involved if the argument was serious.

  13. Advertising other Servers
  14. We ask that players respect Cubeville while they are playing here, and do not name or otherwise advertise any other servers. This is common practice among minecraft servers and is designed to stop players advertising other servers, even accidentally. We would expect all our players to show the same respect to all other servers they may play on, and not advertise Cubeville there either.

  16. As well as keeping chat appropriate and respectful, we also want it to be accessible and, ideally, not annoying to everyone. That means it should be used for actual conversation and not filled with spam that clutters up chat and is frustrating to have to read. Spam includes, but is not limited to:

    • Repeating the same or similar message multiple times in a short space of time (this can be multiple players repeating the same message).
    • Typing nonsense/gibberish.
    • Overuse of caps.
    • Writing in ways that are difficult to read - alternating capitals, upside-down font etc.
    • Encouraging players to spam messages into global without any purpose.
    • Breaking up sentences into multiple messages.

  17. Different Chat Channels
  18. Whilst we're talking about in-game chat, it is worth highlighting that Cubeville makes use of a number of different channels to organise chat and ensure it is being highlighted to only players who may be interested. All chat channels are optional and can be joined/left at any time, so it is important for players to use the correct channel to ensure interested players are not left out, and players who are not interested don't necessarily have to read messages. Some of the key chat channels and their purposes:

    • Global Chat: The main channel for whole server conversations. Chat should only go here if it doesn't fit into another category.
    • Market Chat: The channel for buying, selling, hiring and advertising your wares. If you have SK you can use coloured text in this channel - but please do be respectful of other peoples eyeballs when you are formatting your messages!
    • PvP Chat: The channel for arranging PvP games, and then communicating during the game. Remember to keep things friendly in here, even if you are on opposing teams.
    • Minigames Chat: The channel for arranging Minigames, and then communicating during the games. Pretty much anything in Skylands outside of PvP falls under this chat channel.
    • Local Chat: This type of chat can be used to speak to players that are less than 50 blocks away. When you're roleplaying or talking to a friend nearby, this is the chat to use.
    • Group Chat: This channel was created so friend groups can chat to each other without clogging up global. Please keep roleplay or group conversations in the group chat or local where possible. Players have the right to NOT join your group chat, please be respectful of that choice.
    • Private Message: Also called Direct Messages or DMs, these are to be used for conversations between two players directly. If you have an important message for another player and they're not within local range or in your group chat then this would be the route to use to communicate.

  19. Player Rights
  20. All players on Cubeville have the following rights:

    • You have the right to enjoy Minecraft without being harassed by anyone, staff or citizen.
    • You have the right to appeal any ban, whether you are guilty or not. Be polite, apologise where appropriate, and you may be allowed back on the server.
    • You have the right to report poor staff behaviour. Please report any problems to an SA who will investigate your concerns. If your problem is with an SA then report it directly to another SA who will investigate impartially.

  21. Diversity on Cubeville
  22. Our community is built on the principles of inclusivity, respect, and kindness. We celebrate and welcome players from all walks of life, regardless of race, sex, religion, gender, age, orientation, disability, or any other characteristic that makes you unique. In order to maintain a positive and welcoming environment for all, we strictly prohibit any form of discrimination, harassment, or hate speech. This includes, but is not limited to; offensive language, bullying, destroying builds, and any actions that target or marginalize other players based on their identities. By joining our server, you agree to treat all players with respect and embrace the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences that enrich our community. Let's work together to create a safe, fun, and inclusive space for everyone to enjoy! Remember: Treat others the way you would like to be treated, and let's create a fantastic Minecraft experience for all!

(B) Survival Server Rules and Expectations

  1. Do not steal
  2. Do not take items that do not belong to you. If you didn't mine them, farm them, trade for them, or otherwise legitimately acquire them yourself, they are not yours. Examples of stealing include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Taking items from another players' storage, even if it is unlocked (unless specifically labelled as being "free items").
    • Picking up items that someone dropped to give to another user.
    • Taking items from any server structure.
    • Taking someone's death drops. Note that you can still pick up dropped items if you are helping someone look for their items and plan to return them to the player, but you may not look for death drops with the intention of keeping the items for yourself.

  3. Do not grief
  4. Griefing is the action of destroying someone else’s things. When a player builds something on our map, they should be able to leave and come back later without their work being destroyed. Griefing can include:

    • Removing or adding blocks to a build
    • Flooding with lava/water
    • Locking others’ chests, doors, shulkers, dispensers etc.
    • Killing someone's mobs
    • Placing a region over someone else's build without permission

  5. No harming other players without consent
  6. Unless you have an agreement with another player in advance, you may not cause harm to any other player. Methods of harming other players can include but are not limited to:

    • Player traps (i.e. long drops, lava dispensers)
    • Intentionally causing suffocation, drowning, or burning
    • Luring mobs to kill a player
    • Tricking a player into harming themselves (i.e. renamed poison potions)

  7. Give players their space
  8. Whilst it is nice to build together, we ask that all players leave at least 40 blocks between their builds and any others nearby, unless you have permission to build closer. That gives everyone space to build and have ownership of an area. Note that if you do build too close to another player, they may report the issue to staff who will ask you to move, and this can result in an eviction and forced removal of your build. Nobody wants that to happen, so always remember the 40 block rule!

  9. Do not cause lag in an area
  10. As much fun as it is to build up a mega base full of huge redstone contraptions and farms for every item imaginable, we do ask that players be considerate of others when building. Significant amounts of redstone, lighting updates, or entities can start to cause lag in an area, and that has a negative impact on the experience of other players. We do not have any hard limits on how much redstone you can use, but if your area is found to be causing issues then staff will ask you to take some down, and may do it for you if you don't respond. Some advice for keeping your area lag free: Reducing Area Lag Guide

(C) Creative Server Rules and Expectations

  1. Griefing in creative
  2. You are responsible for who you add to your creative plot. If a player makes changes to your plot that you don't agree with after you have given them building permissions, that is not griefing and staff will not intervene. However, intentional damage to a plot which breaks server rules (i.e. harassment or inappropriate builds) is griefing, regardless of region permissions, and will be dealt with by staff in a similar manner to the survival world.

  3. Keep your blocks to yourself
  4. Do nothing that affects blocks outside plots you have building permission on. Note that this includes all liquids, fire charges, dragon eggs, and other entities.

  5. No lagging players or the server
  6. Do not build or bring in lag-causing devices and/or items. You can of course still create redstone contraptions of great complexity, but any constantly running redstone must be capable of being turned off when you leave the plot to reduce the risk of causing lag on the server.

  7. No public plot bans
  8. You may not place signs or set region messages which ban specific players from your plot. Whilst you can ask players to leave your plot if they are bothering you, it is not appropriate to publicly ban an individual. If a player is consistently bothering or harassing you on your plot then report the issue to staff who can intervene.

(D) Skylands Server Rules and Expectations

  1. The host is always right
  2. If a game in skylands is being hosted, then the host is always right. You may disagree with their decisions, you may want them to do things a different way; you can make suggestions but you may not make demands. And if your suggestion is declined, please accept that with dignity and grace.

  3. Good sportsmanship
  4. We encourage all players to demonstrate good sportsmanship when playing games on Cubeville. Be humble in victory, dignified in defeat, and kind to all players throughout. To encourage good sportsmanship the following behaviours are against the rules:

    • Spawn points camping
    • Toxicity of any kind (insults, humiliation etc.)
    • Targeting specific players during free for all games
    • Trying to stop players joining a game
    • Complaining when you are PvP'd in a PvP zone

  5. Game rules
  6. The games on Cubeville will all have their own information boards telling you how to play, and specifying any rules that apply to that game. If you want to introduce additional rules, they must be agreed by all players in advance, and will not be enforced by staff. For example, yelling "No rushing in bedwars!" will not be dealt with by staff as there is no server rule against that style of play.

(E) Mod Rulings

The following list of mods is not comprehensive, and if you're unsure of whether you're allowed to use a mod on Cubeville and it isn't on the list below, then the recommendation is to alway ask before you use it.

Allowed Mods
  1. Resource packs that modify Minecraft's interface or animations.
  2. Optifine/Sodium and other similar mods that optimise the game.
  3. Shaders.
  4. Mods which display information on screen which is usually accessible to the player.
  5. Full Bright, and other mods which change your brightness/gamma.
  6. Field of Vision Changers (mods that allow you to zoom in or out).
  7. Capes or other cosmetics.
Allowed with Exceptions
  1. Resource packs that change the texture of rare blocks to be easier to spot for players without lighting them up. Note: some shader packs do this automatically, and this feature would need to be disabled on Cubeville.
  2. Litematica, and other mods which provide a schematic for building with. Note: easy place mode for Litematica is only allowed on the creative server, not on survival.
  3. Replay mod, provided it isn't used to intrude on other players' privacy or used for personal gain.
  4. World Dowloader tools, provided they aren't used to intrude on other players' privacy or used for personal gain.
  5. Minimap mods, provided you have player radar and cave mode disabled.
  6. Autoclickers, provided they are not used in farms when the player is not at their computer.
  7. Fly Speed mods are allowed only on the creative server.
Banned Mods
  1. X-Ray resource packs or modifications.
  2. Freecam.
  3. Anything that can be classified as a hack or glitch exploit i.e. flying, water walking, all direction sprinting etc.
  4. AutoAim
  5. AI controlled player/bot.
  6. Mods which display information on screen which is not usually accessible to the player i.e. other players' health, armour durability etc.